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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Wednesday 3rd February

Good morning reception. We are half way through our school week. It has been such a busy week already with daily live lessons, lots of work being sent through and as always your relentless, hard work. We are super proud of you smiley As we do every morning could you please log on to teams and say hello to your teacher for the morning register. It is important we see each and every one of you daily so we know you are doing ok and we love to start our morning seeing you all. If you are unable to teams this morning please send a good morning text to your teacher. 


We are now in February, a new month! Can you remember how many months are in a year? We are on our second month of the year already. The year began with January and now it it February, next month it will be? March. 

What day it is today? What day was it yesterday and what day s it tomorrow? We are becoming really good with our days of the week so lets keep recapping everyday until we are super secure. 

On Monday morning we had a great day of sunshine and yesterday we had a lot of dull rain. The weather changes so much, what is the weather like today? What clothing do we need for a walk today?



As it is mental heal awareness week, our morning starter today is to create your own superhero! What superpowers would you hero have? How do they feel? How will they make others feel? Choose some describing words to go with your superhero. 

Helpful, kind, happy.



Please send us a picture of your superhero's! We would love to see them.

It is now time for phonics, please could you log on to teams ready for you live phonics lesson. Don't forget to take a picture as soon as you have finished phonics and send it to your teacher for feedback smiley