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We ended the school year last year with 96.8% Attendance! Our aim for 97% this year

Wednesday 3rd February


Good morning Year 1! I hope you have all had a brilliant day of learning yesterday and are ready for a brand new day! Thank you for your hard work yesterday. Please remember to send your work in daily to you class teachers -your work should be uploaded to your class dojo portfolio after each lesson completed so that it can be marked by your teacher and progress given.

Before we start with our learning today we are going to make sure we are awake and ready for the day with some Cosmic Kids Yoga.

Phonics (9.10 - 9.30)


This week, in phonics we are going to be looking at split diagraphs. Today we are going to be focusing on the split diagraph 'i_e' such as 'kite' and 'smile' . 

- YouTube

English (9.30 - 10.30)


In English today we are moving onto learning about diary entries.

We be finding out what a diary entry is, will look at some examples and identify the features.


Wednesday 3rd February

Break time (10.30 - 10.45)


A fabulous start to the morning Year 1. You are all doing an amazing job. If you haven't already done so, remember to  upload and send your morning work through to your class portfolio. It's time for a well earned break. Go and grab yourself a drink and a healthy snack and give yourself a brain break. 


Maths (10.45 - 11.45)


In Maths this week, we are learning all about multiplication. We will be looking at using repeated addition, arrays and applying to problem solving and reasoning. Today, we will be focusing on multiples of 5.

Year 1 Maths - Wednesday 3rd February

Numbers and Patterns (11.45 - 12.00)


This week in Numbers and Patterns we will be focusing on our rapid recall of number bonds to 10. Please see the link to today's activity below, and remember to upload a photo/video of you completing this task to your portfolio.

Lunch time (12.00 - 12.45)


Reading (1:15-1:45)


Today for our reading slot, we would like you to log into Bug Club and read one of your allocated stories, answering the questions along the way. We will be looking on Bug Club to see which book you have read. You should all have your log in details for this, but if you have misplaced them then please get in touch with your class teacher. If you are having trouble accessing the site then we ask that you please read a story of your own from home, and upload a video of you reading to your portfolio. 


Science (2:00-2:45)


Today, we are investigating the most suitable material to protect an egg from cracking.

"Egg Drop" by Mini Grey

Story time (3:15-3:25)


A fantastic day of learning Year 1. Well done!

If you have not already done so please ensure all your learning from today is uploaded to your portfolio. 

To finish off the day we now have story time live during your Teams so get yourself, snuggled down and enjoy today's story. =)