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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Wednesday 3rd February

Good morning Year 6!

As always, let's start with SPaG!




Reading Skills

Read the text below and answer the mixed VIPERS questions.



Login to your live English lesson with your teacher. Struggling with technical issues or need to hear the lesson again? Watch the video lesson below.


Year 6 English-Wednesday 3rd January 2021

Have a break away from your work station.

Challenge: How many round things can you see in your house?


We are exploring algebra even more deeply today. Login to your live lesson or watch the video below if you need more help.


Year 6 - Wednesday 3rd February - Maths



Play the educational game below all about balancing problems!

You have to choose the correct symbol to match the calculations either side, remember to go on to level three!



Take some time this afternoon to do Wednesday's mindful activity. 



Today, you are continuing your Road Trip through North America!

Read through the flipchart below and complete the tasks, we look forward to seeing your work!



Reading for pleasure



War Horse - Chapter 9 by Michael Morpurgo

Joey and Topthorn find themselves on the opposite side of the trenches.To purchase this book for yourself and read along, visit: