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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Wednesday 27th January 2021


Hello Year 6 and welcome to Wednesday's home learning!


Let's start with spelling.

Your spelling task today is to complete look, cover, write, check for this week's spellings.



Now we're moving on to reading.

Read the text below and answer the SATs style questions.  

English time!

Today you will be drafting your discursive argument about the question, should animals be used in war?

Your work has been super so far this week and we're really looking forward to seeing the whole piece of writing now.

Year 6 English Wednesday 27th January 2021

Break time!

Remember to take time away from your screen.

Enjoy a healthy snack and a refreshing drink.


After your 15 minute break, it is time for Maths.

Today we are continuing with finding percentages of amounts but with more trickier percentages.

Remember, use the knowledge that you know for finding 50%, 25%, 10% and 1%, it will really help you!


Year 6 - Wednesday 27th January - Maths

In arithmetic today, you will be completing a task on LbQ all about dividing fractions by integers.

Your LbQ code is:


k s c 



Lunch time!

Enjoy 45 minutes of lunch, remember to take time away from your screen.



For your mindfulness this afternoon, we would like you to think of what positives have come from lockdown?

Lockdown is a difficult time when we may feel that the things we love and enjoy have been taken away from us. For example, we are unable to go to school, see our friends and family, take part in after-school activities or visit our favourite places.

During this difficult time, you may have learnt new skills, discovered new talents and found more of your special qualities. These positives need to be captured and celebrated!

Today, think about what special qualities have you discovered?

When you have completed them, try displaying them (with permission from an adult!) so you can see and be proud of them each day! If you are having a difficult day, looking back at your answers will help you to feel proud and positive about yourself!



Encompass time!



Today, you are going to begin our road trip around North America!

Read through the flipchart below and complete the tasks, we can't wait to see your awesome work!

Yellowstone National Park 4K

All video footage is owned by Around The World 4K and it can be licensed as stock footage from Create your own version of "Yellow...