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Wednesday 25th November 2020


Good morning reception,

We have a busy, fun day ahead of us with lots of learning taking place. This morning I thought we would start with singing some nursery rhymes. We love to sing our rhymes in reception as it helps us in so many aspects of our learning. Here are some of our favourite nursery rhymes, please sing along and do the actions :) 




60 minute medley | Early Years - Nursery Rhymes | BBC Teach

Suitable for teaching 0-5s. A medley of some of the best-known British nursery songs and rhymes, animated and subtitled. Many are sung by BBC Children's TV p...

Lets talk about our day. Do you know what day it is today? Can your child tell you the day before and after? Look outside of your window. What does the weather look like today? How does it feel? Is it windy, sunny, cold?


Yesterday you recapped ‘All About Autumn’ you looked at what happens in autumn, changes to the environment and the what animals do. We also learnt in class that as Autumn approaches our days get shorted and colder. With your adult, for each season discuss what appropriate clothing we wear. Why do we wear this? What does it do? Discus any risks to not wearing a appropriate clothing. For example not wearing a coat in winter you will get a cold, not wearing sun cream you could burn.