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Wednesday 25th November 2020


Good morning Stingrays and a happy Wednesday to you all! We're half way through our first week of home learning and I'm so proud with how you are all getting on :-)

Please keep sending me your work through Dojo, Mrs Lawton and I are really enjoying reading through all your work!


For your spelling lesson today, we would like you to spend 10 minutes on Spelling Shed to keep on practising your weekly spellings. Why not try creating a hive with some of your friends?


Next up, we would like you to unscramble these words to make your weekly spellings! Remember to cross out each letter once you have used it!


Today in Grammar, you are learning about extending sentences using conjunctions. Again, this skill will help you in your English lesson today when you draft your letter. Remember to use those high-level conjunctions! 

Your LbQ code is:


i n x


In your English lesson today, you are going to be drafting your formal letter to Mr Tushman. Now this may be a little bit tricky as you do not have your English books in front of you but I will give you as many prompts to help and support you. Just do your best!



Take a look at my WAGOLL and some of the letters that last years Year 6 completed: 



Y6 Stingrays - Wednesday 25th November - English

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

In reading today, you will be reading a new text all about Guy Fawkes. Again, this text will be completed over today and tomorrow and I will attach the correct questions below, enjoy!


After your 15 minutes break, it is now time for Maths. Today, you will be completing fractions, decimals and percentages.


Top trick:

Remember percentage means out of 100 so 56% as a fraction would be 56/100.

Now, to turn the fraction into a decimal we know that 56/100 also means 56 divided by 100.

Now we divided by 100 last week in our Flow lessons so you should remember how to do it! 

If we are dividing, we're making the number smaller. We're dividing by 100 which has two zeros in so we will be jumping two places to the right.



So, 56% = 56/100 = 0.56


If you're given just the decimal and you need to make percentage, instead of dividing by 100, do the inverse and multiply by 100! Then once you have the fraction out of 100, you will be able to convert it into the percentage because percentage means out of 100!

Today's Arithmetic lesson is all about long division! Now I know how hard you all worked on your long division before half term so try not to let it take over you.

Remember how to partition your divisor first:


Then, move on to your long division method:



Good luck, you can do this!


I hope you are enjoying your mindfulness session on an afternoon, I think it's definitely what is needed after completing a lot of work in the morning!



This afternoon, you have PSHE from 2:15 - 2:45 and we're looking at different types of families. Remember, not every family is the same. Having a mature, open-mind about different types of families will enable you to succeed in your PSHE lesson today.



One of the most frequently challenged books as reported by the American Library Association, AND TANGO MAKES THREE, is the heartwarming story of two penguins...

After PSHE, just like we would do in school, you have half an hour to finish off any Encompass or Science work that you may not have completed over the last two days.

If you have finished everything that you should have, please complete a PicCollage on Charles Darwin from your Science lesson or about Viking longships from your Encompass lesson. Remember to include information on your PicCollage, not just pictures!

As your third day of home learning comes to an end, get your favourite book and begin to read for the last 15 minutes of the day. I'm reading a book called 'The Ickabog' by J.K Rowling, what are you reading?


Well done on another great day of home learning, keep up the hard work and keep on sending in your work through Dojo. I'm putting on 2 dojos for every piece of work you are sending in so you could earn up to 20 dojos a day!


Take care Stingrays, speak to you all tomorrow :-)

Miss Joinson x