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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Wednesday 20th January 2021


Good morning and happy Wednesday! We are now half way through another week and you are all being sensational! Keep on sending and uploading your learning through ClassDojo Portfolio. If you are not yet doing this, please speak to Miss French or Mrs Edwards and they can help you! 


Today's register question is: tell me your favourite food!

You MUST reply by 9.30am as it is just like the register we take in school! 


Today we are starting with a lovely exercise video to warm ourselves up and wake us up so we are ready for learning! 



Stretching Song


Here is today's SPaG challenge! It is all about homophones still, so can you correct the homophone pairs?

Your challenge is on the flipchart document and you need to copy out the paragraph again but make sure you write the correct homophone! 

I would highlight all of the incorrect homophones before you start!


Today's English lesson is all about the WAGOLL. It is a magpie lesson! Watch the video with Miss French below and then your challenge is to find out the features of the informal letter WAGOLL that is below! 

English Lesson


Break time! 15 minutes to yourself, away from the screen to eat some fruit or grab a snack and make yourself a drink!

Have a brain break ready for arithmetic and maths!


Here is today's arithmetic challenges! 

Please make sure you complete the same challenge that you would do in school! 

If you are still not sure what that is, ask Miss French or Mrs Edwards and they will let you know!


Watch today's maths video with Mrs Edwards below to find out your challenges for today! 

Maths Lesson

Time for lunch! 

Have your 45 minute brain break and get yourself some lunch! 


Would you rather be an astronaut or a pirate?

Reply by 1.30pm!!

Reading Skills Lesson


Time for PE again. We know how much you all enjoyed the PE last week. 


We're changing it up a bit from Joe Wicks this week! 


You have got 2 PE challenges  - dance and yoga! 


Easy Kids Choreography

The Yoga Alphabet


We have had lots of requests to draw this popular animal linking to our Encompass topic! A camel! 


So here you go, have a go at drawing a camel. Can you add the desert behind him and fill the page?


How To Draw A Cartoon Camel



The Dinosaur that Pooped A Planet