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What are British Values?

Overview of British Values

An introduction to Parliament (primary)

A teaching resource for primary students, explaining what Parliament is and how it works. This animation is an ideal starting point for introducing Parliamen...

Magna Carta and the emergence of Parliament

Find out why Magna Carta was significant for the emergence of Parliament and the journey to UK democracy in the 13th century. Suitable for use in assembly, e...

Suffragettes - Stories from Parliament (Part 1 of 2)

Follow Suffragette Lady Constance Lytton as she protests for women's right to vote. Watch part 2 of the Suffragettes story.

Parliament's structure explained (primary)

Discover the three parts that make up parliament: the House of Commons, the House of Lords, and the monarch. If you are a teacher, this animation is an ideal...

How laws are made (primary)

Follow the stages of a bill from a proposal for a new law to becoming an Act of Parliament. If you are a teacher, this animation is ideal as an overview of l...

Teaching Laws, Rights, and Responsibilities to Kids | Freedom of Speech | Kids Academy

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