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Phonics is fundamental in helping our children read, write and spell. Where possible, children need to me exposed to lots of words, books and texts to support in their knowledge of recognising letters and their sounds and begin to apply their knowledge in both reading and writing of words.


A great way to support your child is with flashcards as children need to be able to recognise and read letters and sounds automatically. Children need to keep being exposed to these sounds in order to remember them so pinning new sounds up around the house or sticking them on the fridge will allow them to say them as often as possible.

When out and about encourage children to look for words with specific sounds, can they think of words containing those sounds. Practise writing the sounds too. 


Games like splat for reading the words with focus sounds or memory words is a great fun and easy game that the children will enjoy. Simply write the words/sound on scrap piece of paper, spread them on the floor or table, adult says the word/sound child jumps or splats the correct word. 


Another simple but effective game to play at home is word sort. Children read the words and sort according to whether it is a real word or a nonsense (alien) word. This can also be used when looking at a number of sounds, here the children will read the words and sort according to the sound they contain e.g. 'sh' and 'th.'


 There are lots of other ways in which you can support your child at home with phonics including:

* Listening to your child read daily

* Reading aloud to your child

* Talk, talk, talk - model good speaking and listening and introduce new vocabulary

* Play phonics games - the more practical the better 

* Rhyming games and activities




There are also lots of links to online games and resources that can be used to enhance and support with your child's phonics knowledge. Below a number of useful links to access on your computers, tablets or devices.