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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Tuesday 2nd February


Good morning Year 6!

Welcome to Tuesday's home learning page!


Let's start with Grammar and today you will be looking at the correct Standard English.

Watch the learning video below and then complete the task.

Year 6 - Tuesday 2nd February - SPaG


Next up is reading.

Read the text below and answer the SAT style questions :)


Now we have English.

Remember to join in with your live lesson today at 10:00am.

If you are having technical issues or want to recap, watch the learning video below.

Year 6 English-Tuesday 2nd February 2021

War horse running through a battlefield

War Horse isn't Spielberg's best movie, but this particular sequence is simply a magical and breathtaking masterpiece, one of the greatest scenes ever made!

Break time! Spend 15 minutes doing something you enjoy and don't forget to fuel your brain with a healthy snack and drink!


After your break, it is time for Maths.

Today you will be building upon your knowledge from yesterday's lesson and completing two-step functions.

Remember to join in with your live lesson at 11:15am but if you need to catch up or need some additional support, watch the learning video below.

Year 6 - Tuesday 2nd February - Maths

Arithmetic time!

This week, you will be learning all about balancing problems!

Take a look at the learning video below.

Year 6 - Tuesday 2nd February - Arithmetic


Dinner time!

Enjoy your healthy dinner and some time away from your screens.


Remember this week is Children's Mental Health week. So today, complete Tuesday's activity to give your mind and body a few moments of calm.

For Children's Mental Health week, we wanted you to explore some key issues that you may have already faced or that you may face in the future. These problems can make us feel sad and worried. This week, instead of R.E and PHSE, we are going to explore two main issues people of your age may face. 

Today, we are focusing on friendship issues. Watch the video below:

Complete a 'role on the wall' at home on a piece of paper. Inside, write all of the qualities of a good friend. Outside, write down the different ways friends can look. Do they always look a certain way? What do your friends look like on the outside? Does it matter?