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Tuesday 24th November 2020


Hello Stingrays! Thank you for all of your super home learning pictures from yesterday, what a super start!


Your spelling task today is look, cover, write, check. If you have finished this, please complete the wordsearch that Mrs Lawton has created for you :-)



Another LbQ for your Grammar lesson. Today, we are learning about standard and non-standard English, this will help you to write in a formal manner when you publish on Friday!

Your LbQ code is:

k k u


Your English work today is on homophones. To warm your brains up, you are going to complete another LbQ (I know how much you love them!) about word classes.

Your LbQ code is:

k k u


Now your brains are warmed up, take a look at the Flipchart below:


For your Reading lesson today, you are going to read the same text as you did yesterday, 'The Black Hole' and complete the rest of the questions. Remember to use the text to help you find the answers, some questions may be tricky so make sure you read the text carefully. You may wish to highlight any key words, just like you do at school!

Today in Maths, you are going to find the whole from a fraction. 

In a fraction, the denominator (the bottom part) tells you how many equal parts there are in a whole and the numerator (top part) tells you how many parts you have.

Sometimes, you may be given the fraction of an amount and asked to find the whole amount. You can work this out by using this method:


whole amount = (given amount ÷ numerator) x denominator


For example:

⅖ of an amount is £14. How much is the whole amount?

(14 ÷ 2) × 5
7 × 5 = 35

The whole amount is £35.

Today in Arithmetic, you will be adding numbers with different place value (including decimals). Always remember to line up your decimal points first before adding!


How are you going to practise mindfulness today? Whatever you decide to do, make sure you relax, refresh and recharge your brains.

Don't forget to send in pictures of what you are doing for your mindfulness session so we can share ideas with each other :-)

This afternoon, it is your Science lesson. Today you will be learning about how animals and plants are adapted to suit their environment in different ways and that adaption may lead to evolution.

For task 3, we would have been conducting an experiment in class using different sized clips to pick up different sized beans and seeds. Watch the video below to see how this experiment has been conducted in another school.

M3 Bird Beak Natural Selection LAB

The M3 students recently learned about Natural Selection. In this video they are demonstrating Natural Selection by using different "bird beaks" as an example.

Horrible Histories Songs | Charles Darwin 'Natural Selection' | CBBC

This song from Horrible Histories is all about Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution. For more fun, CBBC games, shows, quizzes and great makes visit http://ww...

As we come to the end of your second day of home learning, get yourself comfy and read a book of your choice :-)

Can you read in an unusual position? Send in your pictures, we would love to see!


We hope you are all feeling well and staying safe, remember that you shouldn't be going out at all.


Speak to you all tomorrow Stingrays,

Miss Joinson x