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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Tuesday 23rd February 2021



Good morning Year 3! What a fantastic start to the week and the term we had yesterday! Let's continue with our fabulous learning as we work our way through Tuesday!


For the rest of the week your morning lessons (mainly maths) will look slightly different. The order of lessons on here might not be the order you complete them with either Miss French or Mrs Edwards but that's ok. Just find the correct lesson at the time you are completing it! 





Today we are looking at the first of our three new prefixes in more detail!



Today we are looking at pulling apart chapter one and looking at it in a lot more detail! 

English Lesson

Year 3 - Anisha Accidental Detective Chapter One

Time for break, make sure you have a drink and a snack!


Here are today's arithmetic questions 



Maths today is going to be different to usual. We are trying out a new way of learning ready to use for our assessments later in the week. We are using today's maths lesson to show you how to use it and get ourselves ready and familiar with it. 


It is really important you are on the live lesson for this. 


Here is today's reading skills flipchart and questions


There are 2 parts to your science lesson this week. Video one and then video two. 

Video one: 

This explains the three pre topic challenges you need to complete, completely on your own before we start today's new learning. It is ok at this stage if you don't know the answers or word definitions! It will just mean you get even more correct when we complete them again in 6 weeks time! 


Video two: 

This video goes through your first lesson on rocks and soils. Some of it is quite tricky to understand first time so you may want to keep pausing and rewinding to make sure you understand. 


There is also another video here that explains it in a much more fun way than Miss French! 

Science Video 1

Science Video 2

3 Types of Rocks