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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Thursday 4th March

Hello, Ducklings. 

I hope you're ready for our busy day full of wonderful books!

In school today we are cosy in our favourite pyjamas ready to enjoy and explore lots of new stories!


We shall start our day as we always do, with a dance to wake us up! 

Get up and get moving! 

A Beautiful Day | Start of the Day Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann


We won't be doing our maths and phonics tasks today, we will have lots of fun tasks related to our stories instead. 


However, we will still have a quick think and chat about the day of the week and what the weather is like today.


Yesterday it was Wednesday so today it is....

Days of the Week Sing-along Song

Yesterday it was Wednesday so today it is Thursday. 

Next, I would like you to think about the weather.

Have a look outside and discuss with your grown up. 




This morning I would like to begin with you choosing your FAVOURITE story from home.

I would like you to spend some time really exploring this book.

Have a good look at the covers of your chosen story. What is the title of the book? Use your finger to trace along the title of the book as your read it with your grown up. 

What does the passage on the back say? Can you remember what this is called? The passage on the back of the book is called the blurb and this tells us a little bit about the story. 

What is the story about? Can you explain it to your grown-up before you read it?

Who is the author of your book? - this is the person who wrote the book.

Who is the illustrated of the book? - this is the person who created the illustrations or pictures in the book. 


Once you have explored the covers, I would like you to have a look through your story at the illustrations. Can you tell the story to your grown-up just using the illustrations? If you have not read this book before, can you guess what might happen using the illustrations? 


Finally, I would like your grown up to read the book to you. Listen very carefully. 

Grown-ups - after you have read the story to them (with no interruptions) go back through the story page-by-page and ask questions. Allow your child to look at the illustrations for reference. I have left some prompts below. Some of them may not be relevant to every story. 




I would like you to refer to these prompt cards throughout the day to help discuss each story we read/explore today. smiley

Please send me a short video of you explaining your chosen favourite story for today.