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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Thursday 4th March


Good morning Reception class, today is World Book Day! Every year we celebrate world book day in school and have so much fun! We do different activities, like dressing up as characters from a book, wearing Pyjamas or having a non-uniform day. Today in school we are getting cosy and wearing our pyjamas! If you would like to wear your pyjamas all day to celebrate with us this would be fantasticsmiley Today we will be focusing on different stories all day so there will be no maths or phonics today. However, we have lots more activities planned for a busy day. 



This morning to start our day we would like you to choose your favourite book in your house, online or you may want to read you school reading book. Spend the morning discussing and reading your book. Before we start can you tell me about your book?

Is it non-fiction or fiction? How do you know? 



What can you see on the front cover? What do you think the story will be about? What characters may be in our book? Can you point and read the title? 

Now look at the back of the book, what is this called? It's the blurb - this tells us about the book before we read it. Can you read the blurb on your book?


What is a author? Who is the author of your book? You will also see another name on your book, this is the illustrator and he/she has drawn the illustrations in the book. 



Now you can start to read your book. Remember as you go through the book always be asking questions so the children understand what they are reading. Can they predict what will happen next? Can they point the other object they have just read about? Can they explain what is happening in the picture. 


Once you have read your book you can move on to out morning activity smiley