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Thursday 3rd December 2020


Hello and a good morning to you all! We hope you are all feeling well and are ready for your day of home learning :-)


For your spelling lesson today, please can you use each of your weekly spellings to create a sentence. Don't forget to underline the spelling!


When you have finished, have a go at finding your weekly spellings in this wordsearch, enjoy!



Following on from your Grammar lesson yesterday, today you will be revising how to punctuate dialogue. Remember to keep using this skill in your English so you can transfer your knowledge across :-)

Your LbQ code is:


n s k


In today's English lesson, you will look at how to create tension in your writing. There are many different skills that you can use to do this, take a look at my YouTube video below to support you:


Y6 Stingrays - Thursday 3rd December - English

Now for your Reading...

Today, you will be continuing with the questions about the McDonalds Christmas Advert. The answers you have sent in so far this week have been super so keep this up!

Tomorrow, you will have a brand new Advert to watch and answer questions on to showcase all of your super learning so far :-)


Christmas 2020 | Inner Child | #ReindeerReady | TV | McDonald's UK

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For your Maths lesson today, you will be learning about reflection. Think of a mirror!




Y6 Stingrays - Thursday 3rd December - Maths


In Arithmetic today, you will be answering questions about sequences! 

Remember to always look at what scale the numbers you are given go up or down in, this will help you when you work out the next numbers in the sequence!



For mindfulness today, we would like you to do a technique called 'grounding'. 

Take a look below:


For your RE lesson today, you will learning about what some people think carries on after we have died and what is our soul. This is a very mature subject to discuss so please take your time.



For your Art lesson, you are going to complete the final piece of work that you haven't already done.

That could be the Wonder inspired artwork, the Evolution and Inheritance inspired artwork or the Viking inspired artwork.

Make it awesome!



Now to end your Thursday, have a watch of Michael Rosen performing a brilliant poem about the register! Enjoy!

The Register | POEM | Kids' Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

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