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Thursday 26th November 2020


Hello Stingrays! We hope you are all feeling well and working hard with your home learning. Another huge well done to those who are consistently sending in work to us either on Dojo or email ( Keep it up!


For your spelling lesson today, just like we would do in school, please can you use your weekly spelling words to create sentences. Once you have finished those, have a go at this crossword! It may be a little tricky if you have never completed one before but try your best and enjoy!




Following on from your Grammar lesson yesterday about conjunctions, today you will be looking at subordinating conjunctions. These will also be super helpful in your letters to Mr Tushman in English too!

Your LbQ code is!


g z p


Today's English lesson, you will be editing your draft from yesterday. Thank you again to those who sent in their draft, we are really impressed with what you completed :-) 

Just like yesterday, I will put lots of prompts below to help you with your edit (I will even include some funky purple paper!) 

After reading through your drafts, the main areas for you to focus on are:

  • Spellings
  • Sense
  • Subjunctive form
  • Formal vocabulary



What will your edit targets be today?


Now for Reading...

You will be continuing with the questions about the Guy Fawkes text today. You have all been answering the questions so well at home so keep this up!

Tomorrow, you will have a brand new text to showcase all of your super learning so far :-)


Now today's Maths lesson is a little bit different. You will be consolidating everything you now know about adding and subtracting fractions, including how to simplify your answers.

I know this may seem like a long time ago since we did this but it was only 2 weeks ago so you should all still be able to remember. I have included some prompts below just in case you are struggling though. Good luck and show us how amazing you are! 


Adding Fractions with Different Denominators

Before you come to this, you need to be confident making new equivalent fractions. Quick review of how to add fractions when they have the same denominator (...

In Arithmetic today, you will be using BODMAS.

Now we have looked at BODMAS before:








See how you get on, remember to complete the correct calculation first using the rule of BODMAS!


For your mindfulness this afternoon, why not try some meditation. I have included a meditation document below that will help you to relax. Give it a go and see how you get on! :-)


For your RE lesson today, you will be learning about ways in which religions help people to live, even when times are tough. 

Then finally for today, it is your Art lesson!

Now I know how much you love Art so I cannot wait to see all of your masterpieces. I know this may be a little bit tricky for you to complete at home if you do not have any colouring pencils for example, but just try your best and you can always bring it into school when we are back and use our resources to finish it off :-)

Now to end your Thursday, have a watch of Michael Rosen performing a brilliant poem about chocolate cake, my favourite! Enjoy!


Chocolate Cake | POEM | Kids' Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen STICKERS and STUFF - Check out Michael's website for news, upda...

Well done on completing your fourth day of home learning, you're all doing so well!

Remember to keep to a routine as if you would if you were in school, getting up at your normal time and going to bed at your normal time, making sure you are getting a good nights sleep!


Take care Stingrays,

Miss Joinson x