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We ended the school year last year with 96.8% Attendance! Our aim for 97% this year

Thursday 25th February


Good morning Year 6!


We hope you are all okay and ready for another brilliant day of learning!

A huge well done to you for completing your online assessments so far this week, we are really proud!



For your spelling today, we would like you to complete the 'Synonym Stars' game on the website below.

Synonyms are great to include in your writing so you may want to magpie any that come up!

Let us know how far you get in the game, enjoy!



Next we have Grammar and today you are going to be completing a quiz on Quiz Shed all about cohesion (this will help your writing in English too!)

Remember, cohesion means 'holding together' or 'linking', making sure everything flows and makes sense.

Don't forget to send a picture of you completing the quiz to your teacher!




Join in your live English lesson at 10:00am.

If you need any support or have had technical issues, watch the video below.

Year 6 - Thursday 25th February - English

Xenotransplantation: When People Get Animal Parts

How can we transplant animal tissue into humans? And will we ever be able to grow customized organs? SciShow explains!Hosted by: Hank Green Written by: Alexa...

Enjoy a 15 minute break to grab a healthy snack and a drink!



Join in with your live Maths lesson at 11:15am.

If you have had technical issues or need any more support, watch the video below.

Week 22 Year 6 Maths Thursday 25th Feb



Lunch time!

What are you having nice for your dinner today?

Don't forget to take time away from your screen, give your brain and eyes a rest!



Try the 'build and breathe' technique by watching the video below!

Can you create your own build and breathe video?

We would love to see them!

Build and Breathe

Still image for this video






COBRAKAI #COBRAKAISEASON4- DISCLAIMER - We are not qualified Karate instructors :) It's time to take on our 'COBRA KAI' partner Workout. All you have to de...


The 20 Mins School P.E Workout series Presents an extended version of THE HARRY POTTER "Book Of Spells" Workout.Calling all WIZARDS and WITCHES! Today we tak...

PhysEd Focus: Balance/Stretch Cool Down

Elementary balancing/stretching cool down activity.