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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Thursday 18th March 2021


Good morning, please find below all of today's learning. As always if you have any questions just send Miss French or Mrs Edwards a message on ClassDojo.





Keep working out fractions of amounts! Remember your starting point and the method we have been using!


Today in maths we are revisiting equivalent fractions. All of the challenges are on the flipchart

We are continuing our plural possessive apostrophe work today.

We are starting our drafting work today.


We are carrying on with our inference and looking at how ideas link within the text.

We are continuing working with contraction apostrophes today.


Today's wider reading is Science based and we are looking at a text all about fossils to link in with yesterday's Science lesson.


You have a task set on purple mash as a 2do all around e-safety!