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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Thursday 14th January 2021



Happy Thursday Year 3! We're nearly at the end of another week of home learning and you are all making us SO proud! Keep on sending in your work! 


This mornings register question is: would you rather have a pet dragon or pet dinosaur? 





This morning's morning activity is the video below! Enjoy!


Strengthen Your Focus - Empower Tools | GoNoodle


Here is today's SPaG challenges! 

As always if you need a recap or some help go back to Monday's page and watch the video!


Today you are completing your published write! 


Just as you would in school, follow your steps to success and use your drafts! That is what they're there for! 


If you can't type on the paper on the documents, you can type it or write it our just on a normal blank page or lined page if you are handwriting.


We cannot wait to read them!

English Lesson


Time for break! Make sure you have your break, grab a snack and a drink and relax for 15 minutes! 




Here is your arithmetic challenges for today! Good luck! 

As an extra challenge you could time yourself! 


We are subtracting money in maths today! This can be quite tricky! Watch the video with Miss French carefully. If you have got any questions or you are stuck, send us a message and we can help you straight away!! 





Maths Lesson


Time for lunch (Miss French's favourite time of day!) Enjoy your break and get outside if you can! 


Don't forget to send your good afternoon message and answer to our question!! 


Here is your reading skills lesson for today! Watch Mrs Edwards' video carefully and independently answer the questions on the attached document! 





Reading Skills Lesson


Your afternoon lesson today is PSHE. 

Watch the video below and complete your tasks! Don't forget to send us this in on ClassDojo Portfolio too!! 






When I'm feeling sad


Here is today's wellbeing activity! We know you're all really enjoying these at home - it's a lovely time to sit, think and relax! 


Today we would like you to make a thank you poster for somebody or a group of people you would like to thank for doing their job. 



Here is today's story! One of Miss French's favourites!! 



Bedtime Stories | Tom Hardy | There's a Tiger in the Garden | CBeebies