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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance


Good morning Year 4!


You are all doing a fantastic job with home learning and we continue to be incredibly proud. Please remember to send all of your work in to us through dojo portfolio as you complete it - this means we can give you feedback :)



Octopus, please check your dojo messages and ask your parents to give consent for you to use Teams ready for our live learning! Please also download the app, and have a go at logging in to your account!


Have a wonderful day and please message should you need us.

Year 4 Writing Thursday

Year 4 - Maths - Thursday 21st January

Your Maths LbQ code for today:

Year 4 Reading Thurs

Year 4 science Thursday 21st

From 2.30 - 3.30 we will be offering interventions and extra curriculum activities in Year 4. If you have been invited to an intervention via teams then please be online for the time given.  

If you are not yet in an intervention you may choose a learning activity to complete from one of our learning menus below. 



Extra Curriculum Learning