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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Thursday 11th February


Good morning Swans and Ducks, how are you feeling this morning? Log on to the live morning register for a chat with your teacher, we love to see and hear from you in the morning. We can also mark you off on our morning register that we complete daily.  We also have our live phonics and Maths lessons today so remember to join these throughout the day.


As we do every morning, we will recap our days of the week. Can you tell your adult what day it is today? How many days are in a week? How many of those days to we spend at school? Which day starts the week and which day ends the week?

Yesterday we sand our months of the year and I would like you to sing our days of the week. Pause the video at any time to help you answer the above questions.

Days of the Week Song | The Singing Walrus

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For your morning starter today we will be using our phonics to read the words. It is an important skill the children can read ‘real’ and ‘not real’ words and categorise into the correct group, ready for year one. The Pirate has mixed all of his coins up below. Can you sort them back into ‘real’ and ‘not real’ words.



It is now time for your phonics lesson at 9:15. Please could you log on 2 minutes before so we can start promptly at 9:15. We look forward to seeing you again J