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Thursday 11th February 2021


Good morning Year 3! Again, we are so proud of you all at home for the work you are handing in, it is sensational! Keep up the hard work, 2 days until half term! 


Remember to join your live Teams register between 8.30-9.00am!







Today's focus is on prepositions. Go through the flipchart PDF and your challenge is on the last slide. Today you need to rewrite the sentences but include a preposition in the spaces.


Today's English lesson is an editing lesson. 

Turtles and Seahorses will be focusing on different things today. 





You will need to watch this video and edit the given work. 





You will need to access the live lesson to get the most out of today's lesson. You need to choose one of the FIRST two paragraphs to edit today. Use what you have already written and uplevel it to make it even better! If you don't know which paragraph to edit, ask Miss French. 




Maths Lesson

Reading Skills Lesson


Science today is all about the sun as a source of light but also the dangers it brings with it!

Science Lesson