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Thursday 10th December 2020

Thursday 10th December 2020

Good morning Sharks! Thursday is here.


We are going to start with Spelling today. Here are this week’s spellings as a reminder:

Today, you need to practise your spellings by writing them in context. Watch the video to see what your spelling lesson holds.

Year 6 Sharks-Thursday 10th December-Spelling


Today’s lesson is all about using punctuation correctly.

First, watch the video and then complete your LbQ questions using Year 6 punctuation.

Full stops and commas | English - Grammar for 11-14-year-olds

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Today lbq code is:

j f e



Going Deeper Geography project

This week, we are exploring the amazing city of Rio de Janeiro in a Geography case study.  

Open the flipchart to see what today’s exploration of Brazil brings!


Today in English, we are editing our narrative about the chapter in the forest when Auggie and Jack Will meet the Seventh Graders. Watch the video and then complete your edit from yesterday’s draft.

Year 6 Sharks-Thursday 10th December-English



Watch the video and follow the instructions. It is important to have a few moments of calm each day. Remember to email or dojo message your teacher if you are worried or unsure about anything. We are always here to talk to.


Wellbeing-Find Peace - Think About It | GoNoodle

Use this calming video to help you find peace any time you need it.This video comes from GoNoodle's Think About It Channel. Think About It helps kids think, ...


This week, we are exploring Christmas in the UK and around the world. Today, we are going to think about Herod and his actions on the nativity story.

We are going to complete a P4C discussion on the question:

Were Herod’s actions justified? What is acceptable when we feel threatened?


First, read through the powerpoint to remind yourself what Herod did.

Secondly, we are going to use a website called nearpod to collate our ideas.


OR click the link below and write the code:




Write your opinion from the p4c discussion on nearpod’s collaborate board.

Love for reading

Enjoy this video of a Viking Saga to link to our Encompass topic. Today, is the last part in the Saga!