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The NED Show

The NED show comes to Waterside.....


N - Never Give Up

E - Encourage Others

D - Do your Best


These are the key messages that the NED show aims to share with the children in school.  They fit perfectly with our school values!


Today, (Tuesday 27th June) all the children in Years 1-6 have had a special assembly called the NED show.  This is an assembly aimed at telling all the children that they can be champions - they just need to follow the principles of NED.  IT tells children to support and encourage one another to achieve their dreams, and uses yo-yo tricks to tell the story of NED, a boy who learned what it is like to be a true friend.


Our children thoroughly enjoyed the show - and as you will see in the photographs below, the NED team use yo-yo's to spread NED's message.  The assemblies work on a 'Pay it Forwards' basis - this means that the assembly was given to Waterside for free, and now we will be selling the yo-yo's every day after school this week, and the money raised goes towards paying for another school to have the benefit of a NED assembly.