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We ended the school year last year with 96.8% Attendance! Our aim for 97% this year


Home Learning- Bubble Closure 12th-16th July 2021


Here is home learning activities for the week, Friday is our Golden Time day so the children can have a day doing what they love. There will be a phonics task, maths task and activity for each day. You can send your child's work to their class dojo portfolio. 

Firstly as the children are now moving into Reception I have attached a checklist for school readiness which shows all of the things which the should be able to do as they are going to be compulsory school age. Please check these with your children and spend this week and the summer working on areas ready for September.



This week we were focusing on our aspirations so we want the children to create a picture of what they want to be when they are older, you can use what you like to create your picture, we were going to use paint on large pieces of paper.  



The children wanted to do some baking this week so we were going to make and decorate biscuits, so the children can help you to bake something or to even make dinner using equiment safely.



Today we were going to have our very own little sports day where the children were going to complete different races against each other, you could make your own little sports day or do something phyical like cosmic kids yoga or exercising in the garden. 




The children can draw and or talk about each box below as the reflect on their time in Nursery.


Friday is our Golden Day so the children can spend the day how they wish, it could be watching a film, being creative or just simply playing with their toys.