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Week 39

Wow what a week it has been! We have have finished off all our lessons and books and reports have gone home. We finished off our week of learning about Brazil, and it’s clear to see how much the children have enjoyed learning about it. By now you all know who your new teachers are and I can’t wait to be following you all into Year 5. I’m sure we’ll have a fantastic year and I can’t wait to get started!



This week we focussed on revisiting Fractions in order to address some misconceptions we had from the testing. The children looked at equivalent fractions, fractions as decimals and converting between the two.



In our writing lessons we wrote one final piece about the Dragon Slayer, retelling the story with our own ending. Some of the children decided to take the dragons home to raise, whereas some of them decided to leave them behind, a few people even decided to slay them! It was great to see the children explore their imagination to create their own end to the story.



In our afternoon lessons we have enjoyed finishing off our Brazil topic, we looked at the famous Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes and the sports of the 2016 Rio Olympics. The children really enjoyed learning about lots of different sports and the athletes that compete in them. We finished off with a showcase where the children created some Samba music on GarageBand and made a Keynote of everything they had learned before presenting it to the class. Special thanks go out to Mrs Bates who organised a brilliant lesson where we learnt how to play Volleyball, at first the balls were flying everywhere, but soon the balls was sailing over the net as we competed against Octopus class!

Week 38 (WC 5th July)


Wow!! This week has been jam packed - Testing, Sports day, maths and new topics.




This week the children have taken part in some testing, this is to see how they have got on over the year. They all did incredibly well. Its hard as its at the end of the year but Jellyfish class have worked so hard and we are so very proud of them. We are looking forward to following them through the next two years to see them progress. WELL DONE to you all. 




We have been looking at the short film 'Dragon Slayer' this week, we are going to be writing our own version of the story next week. This week we were boxing up our story and discussing the story itself.




In maths this week the children have had fun working in small groups to crack puzzles, create pictures, race against the clock and find answers to tricky questions. They all had a great time doing this. 


Sports Day


I know sports day this year has been very different but we all have a lovely day. There are some photos below of some of the activities we did. They all have that competitive streak in them but are very gracious in how they compete. We also have certificates for 3 of the children. 




As the Olympics are fast approaching we have had a two week topic based on a country at the Olympics. We got Brazil. We decorated the stairs and have had a great time finding out about Brazil and its culture. We also finished the week with masks and samba. The children as well as us really enjoyed it. I think we need to do regular just dance lesson for a boost in the afternoon. 

Week 37 (WC 28/06/21)


Another full week of learning, we have been so busy again in all our lessons. Making sure we are still working on our presentation and handwriting throughout the last couple of weeks. We've also done a lot of group and paired work. 




This week we have been working on speech, the children are fab at this but sometimes miss their punctuation so we have been working on that part. Adding in speech to our creatures descriptions has helped to show how they act towards people or other animals. In grammar we have been looking at apostrophes and if they are singular or plural.



We've done loads of paired and group work this week, we have been looking at symmetry by drawing shapes and investigating items around the classroom. They also looked at area and perimeter also and working in groups to work out problems. This is securing our year 4 knowledge. 




In science we have been showcasing our learning. We started off by working in pairs to create posters all about conductors and insulators. Some wonderful team work and really nicely presented work. We also ended our topic with a keynote based on everything we have learnt over the past 4 weeks. 


Next week we have another fun week and some testing to finish our year. 

Week 36 ( WC 21st June 2021)


What another busy week in Jellyfish. As we get into the last few 3 weeks we are really busy finishing off our topics and getting ready to move into year 5. 




This week we have been looking at different mythical creatures and finding many ways to describe them, working in groups the children found many adjectives and verb to describe the animals and how they moved. We had Minotaurs, Hippogriffs, Manticores and Centaurs. Throughout the week we created character descriptions based on our research. 




Carrying on from last week we are looking at being ready to progress in maths. Making sure we are visiting areas we need to so that our knowledge is secure ready for year 5. This week was looking at data, graphs, bar charts and tally charts. 


Afternoon learning - Science 


In Science this week we have been looking at Thomas Edison. The man who invented the light bulb. This was perfect for our topic as that we could compare electricity then and now. Who would of thought his invention would still be used today. Thank goodness or we wouldnt be seeing in the dark. We also created simple circuits to prove we could make a bulb light up enlightened




Week 35 (w.c 14.6.21)


We’ve been really busy this week with our learning, but the children have worked hard. We only have a few more weeks of year 4 left and we are working hard on finishing the year strong. 



In English this week we have continued our autobiography, we’ve planned our paragraphs and using our edit and revise we’ve made our work better. On Friday we published our work which will be assessed. They have been working hard on expanded noun phrases, relative clauses and different sentence structures. 



In maths we have been revisiting place value to secure our learning using the new ready to progress scheme. We’ve really tested them this week looking at a different problem each day. They’ve worked on multiplication, division, part-whole models, volume, number lines and scales



In science this week we’ve continued our topic on electricity. We’ve been looking at circuits. The children had to think about what they may need to make a simple circuit and how it could work. Watching a video on electrical circuits we had to answer vipers on the video. On Wednesday we wrote our hypothesis for our experiment. We then took part in our experiment and tried 10 different circuits to see if they would light up. We finished the week with our results. 

Fathers Day

With it being Father’s Day this weekend, we’ve been making cards, scan your child’s card for a special surprise. 




Week 34 (w.c.07.06.21)

It was great to see everyone back this week looking well rested and ready for their final half term in Y4. Some great weather to go along with our great learning, I hope everyone has enjoyed it as much as I have.



In Maths this week we have been learning all about different charts and graphs, we had a great time learning about what makes each one different and what data they can display. We also had a go at reading data to answer problems and calculations and also created our own graphs and charts showing data we had gathered from the class.



In writing this week we have carried on with our previous text, we have arrived at Buckingham Palace following our narrators journey to deliver a letter to the Queen, next week we will be writing an autobiography from the perspective of the Queen about this interaction. Already it’s clear to see that the children are engaging with new, high level vocabulary and are eager to improve their current writing skills.



We have now moved into our Science topic about Electricity, the children really enjoyed using Kahoot to assess their current knowledge, though no one could beat Mrs Bates! We’ve already learnt so much about what electricity is and how it is used in so many everyday appliances that help us in modern day life. Next week we’ll be building our own circuits to see how it works. 

Week 32 (17th May 2021)


This week the children have worked super hard, they are getting tired after a long half term but are still producing some wonderful work. Just one more week to push through with some fun along the way. 


This week we have been learning how to debate in English, we are continuing with our book about a refugee. We spilt our class into two and debated the topic of letting refugees into another country. The debate was amazing the children had researched about the topic, works as small groups and presented their argument. 


This week in Maths we have been looking at perimeter and area. We moved on to missing sides and finished on solving multi step problems. They all worked hard after a tricky start they got the hang of it towards the end and we had some fantastic work. 

Afternoon learning 

In the afternoons this week we have finished our encompass topic on Rivers and Mountains. We finished of our topic with our express lesson that showcased our learning throughout the topic. 

Week 31 (W.b 10.05.21)

This week we have had a fantastic, albeit quiet week of learning, we hope all our friends in the other classes are doing well at home and many of the children have said how strange it is not having you in.


However, that has not stopped us from having a brilliant work of learning and fun.


In English, we have completed our Published Write of a third person narrative following the journey of a refugee called Ahmet, from our class story, and the vocabulary used in the writes was amazing to see! It really made you feel like you were right there with them.


In Maths, we have applied our knowledge of of fractions to solve problem and reasoning questions, the children gave it their best go and their hard work paid off!


In the afternoons we have carried on with our topic work, focusing this week on Mountains, it was great learning about the words famous mountain ranges and creating informative videos about them. We also spent some time learning about Eid and why some of our friends celebrate it.


Week 30 (w.b. 03.05.21)

Hello it’s me again, this week has been another rollercoaster of exciting learning and experiences culminating in an exciting day for NSPCC Number Day! 

For English this week we have been looking at the journey of a refugee, we were shocked at some of the things refugees have to go through and the class discussions have been very in-depth and meaningful. The children were very mature in their thinking and based on what we have already written this week I can’t wait to see the narrative writes we produce next week.


In Maths this week we have looked at units of measurement, fractions and decimals, the children’s prior knowledge really helped them out and everyone achieved a high level of work.


In our Encompass lessons we have been looking at the most famous rivers from around the world! We’ve located them using our atlas’s, made a video detailing a river of our choice and used sugar paper to make write down lots of interesting facts that we will use next week to make a fact file!


Of course that brings us to number day, and what an amazing day it was! We all had a carrot and potato to weigh on our scales to see who had the heaviest, we completed a smarties investigation using tally charts, bar graphs and fractions, which ended with delicious results as we gobbled them up after our dinner. What a fun day of learning!


Below are some pictures of our week, there are so many to pick from I couldn’t possibly decide which to upload,

Week 29 (w.b. 26.04.21)

Another week has been and gone for our young Jellyfish and they have been fantastic yet again! They have tried really hard with their learning and myself and Mrs Bates have been very impressed with you all!


In Maths we have been looking at dividing numbers up to a 1000 by 2, 4, 5 and 10 and even solving some reasoning and problem solving questions surrounding this!


In Writing we have produced a lovely 1st person narrative based on our book ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’ the children have used some excellent skills such as Show Not Tell, Fronted Adverbials, Conjunctions and many more!


In the afternoons we have begun our new topic on Rivers and Mountains and the children have really impressed us with how quickly they picked up the new vocabulary, so if you’re out for a walk this weekend and your children start pointing out Meanders and Tributaries ask them what they are!


Using our skills in Maths to divide large numbers and even crossing into negative numbers

Writing about our 1st day at school as Ahmet

Our fantastic afternoon activities learning about Rivers

Week 28 (w/b 19/04/21)

Hello! Some of you may remember me from last year but if you don't or I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you yet I am Mr Grocott and I am the new Year 4 teacher of Jellyfish class. It's been fantastic seeing all the children come back this week with smiles on their faces and ready for a new term of learning. This has been a special week as we celebrated all week on one of our school values - Inspiration. Tasks have been varied, including a P4C, Art and an Express task. 


In the mornings we have been using our time in Maths to explore symmetry in shapes and patterns. For our writing we have started our new text 'The boy at the back of the class' and from this we have focused on how the character Ahmet (a new pupil at a school) might feel as he steps into a new, strange environment. From this we will be creating a 1st person narrative next week.

In writing we have been reading our new text and planning for our narrative

In Maths we have studied symmetrical shapes and finding horizontal, vertical and symmetrical lines of symmetry

For our afternoons we have learnt all about Inspiration and used the work to create a fantastic display which showcases all our amazing work