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Week Ending Friday 29th November 2019 96.8%

Street Detectives

This week was Design and Technology week!  As our topic is Street Detectives, we designed and made our very own bottle kilns and pot banks! We began the week by researching what bottle kilns are, what they look like and what they were used for. We then designed our own bottle kilns, focusing on the main features, and thought about what materials and equipment we would need to make them. On Friday, we had a special visit from a Creative Flamingo (a ceramic expert), who taught us how to make bottle kilns and pot banks using clay! We had so much fun learning new skills and the finished pieces were amazing!
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Picture 1
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W/c 02.09.19

We went on a walk around our local area to investigate what human features we could find. We saw features such as bottle kilns, shop, doctor's surgery, the Emma Bridgewater factory, canal, church and different types of housing. 

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