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Friday 30th January 2020

Art day!


This week has been our classes focused art week and what an amazing week it has been.

The focus of our art was of the work of Van Gogh and his famous painting of the 'Sunflowers'. We began the week by researching the artist himself before looking at the skills and techniques used to create his work. 

We experimented with colour mixing, identifying the colours needed to recreate his work. We looked at line and shape, exploring the size and shape of the vase and the detail of the petals and flowers themselves. Following this we used the skills and techniques used from the week to sketch our own sunflowers into our sketch books. 

All the work we had done from the week, the skills, techniques and knowledge of Van Gogh and his work was led us to our published art day on Friday. All children were provided with a blank canvas, sketching pencils, paint brushes of different thicknesses and acrylic paints to produce their final piece of art of the famous 'Sunflowers'.  

The work the children produced was sensational and each and every child wowed me with their finished pieces. I felt so so proud of their achievements and the difference from the start of the week to the end in regards to both their confidence and progress was just amazing. The children all showed great pride and passion in the work they produced and kept expressing their love of art through conversations with their peers and adults.

I think you'll agree that these finished pieces of art completed by age 5-6 year old children are just incredible. 

WC 6th January 2020

In Encompass we kick started our new topic 'Our Queen's Country' by having an afternoon tea party. Thank you for all you generous donations as it really was a tea party fit for the Queen. We then focused on the four capital cities of the United Kingdom.