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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance


Week 17 

We finally got to the end of Week 2 - it seemed a very long week.  But it has been a very success week.  I have had nearly 100% of you sending in your learning daily - some even hourly. This is amazing. A big well done to you and your parents for working so hard at home - it will make all the difference when you come back. 

This week we were the first class to set up Teams and have our first class meeting where all of you at home attended.  This is truly amazing.  I am so proud to be your teacher.  

Even though, you are at home you are working so hard and your learning has been amazing.  So it has been a difficult decision on who won the certificates this week. Each of you could have achieved it for something. 

Aziza - beautiful presentation, Harizs - amazing maths, Fahim - trying hard each day, Zeenat - I loved your letter, Cato - Your drawings are improving- Medusa was fab, Aariz - for not giving up, Iva - making me smile with your photos, Ashleigh Jo - being helpful in class, Zile - your wonderful riddle that made me think, Terrelle - for trying your best in every lesson, Lily - for growing in confidence, Samreen - for your beautiful presentation,  Abdurrahim - for making Miss Gaskell and I laugh on teams,  Thomas - for being a maths whiz, Travon - you have impressed every teacher this week, Muizz - for your determination to improve, Chantal - you were sensational in science,  Mustafa - what a difference in your handwriting,  Grace - your work and understanding of fractions, Karina - I was so impressed with your final publish write,  Laksan, you have made a superb effort in every lesson. 

Each one of you has made me proud this week!! 


This week we have been writing a persuasive letter to Mr Arable to stop him killing the runt pig. Have a look at our fantastic vocabulary below.


This week in maths we have been learning how to subtract from a whol or wholes and how to find quantities of a amouns and how to find the whole.  We were introduced to bar models and although we found it tricky at first we worked really hard and in the end we got it and it made fractions so easy to learn.  Mrs Willis was very proud of us all. 

Ashleigh - Jo and Grace.  


In Encompass, we have been learning about every day life in Ancient Greece. We have then compared this with life in modern Britain. Where would you rather live?

Remote Learning
Week 16 
Welcome back!
The Christmas break is over and we now enter the Spring term although it is definitely winter with the weather that we have been having.  
It has been a somewhat strange week, and it is not how we intended to start the year. We are exceptionally proud of the children and parents in adapting so quickly, and at short notice, to remote learning.  It has been a challenging week for us all, I know that we are all ready for a weekend break.  
Whether your child is at home or in school, they have been simply amazing.  The children in school have taken it in their stride with the changes in teachers, and the pupils in their class. They have worked exceptionally hard all week.  And the children at home have impressed me with their learning. You have all logged on in the morning and completed all of your work. 
Hopefully all the learning online and pre recorded videos will help you with your remote tasks.  There will always be someone available to help you if you need it so please use class dojo to message through.  
I hope you all have a good weekend. 
Mrs Willis, Mrs Bates and Mr Johnson
In science we have begun to learn about sound and how they are caused.  This week you studied the vibrations of objects and how they make a sound.  Mr Johnson brought in his ukulele to show how the strings vibrate and he even played a tune for Grace and Faith as it was their birthday.  

Mr Johnson and his Ukulele

This week in school and at home, you have read Chapter one of Charlotte’s web. We have discussed whether we think Mr Arable should have killed the pig or whether Fern was right to save it.  
In school the children had a super debate with reasons for and against. Children at home I enjoyed reading your ideas and the reasons that you put for and against the killing.  Next week we will be writing a persuasive letter to Mr Arable convincing him not to Kill the pig.  I wonder if your letters will convince him? 

In school: Debate - Should Mr Arable kill the runt pig?