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Week 27 

What a week we’ve had, it was a very busy week with lessons as well as testing in class. The children have worked extremely hard over the last term with many changes over the last few weeks. We are glad that all the children were back in to finish this term together, we are so impressed with all their progress and excited to see what next term brings. 

In Maths this week we looked at 2D shapes, looking at their properties, angle and sides.

Science this week was looking at deforestation and whether we should ban it or no. We looked at pictures, discussed and wrote an argument about deforestation.

In encompass we finished our topic on Modern Greece. We looked at temperature and compared Greece with Italy.

Week 26

Another busy week completed in Jellyfish class, with lots of new learning taking places and amazing progress being made.  This week the children have challenged themselves and taken risks in their learning to ensure that they are making better than good progress.  In maths we have completed 2 step and multi step problems involving multiplication and division.  

In English we have been writing a non chronological report on a sea creature. The children had to become experts before we write.  We thought it would be easy but Mrs Willis pushed our use of vocabulary and conjunctions, so we had to work really hard.  


In the afternoon Miss Rowlands and Mrs Bates taught us all about life in Greece - where we created a piece of writing about the landscape. And then in science we focussed on categorising animals.  Some of us even completed it for homework.  

In interventions this week we have been practising our spelling and times tables using the splat game and jumbled up letters. 
Here is some of our maths learning from this week.  We have challenged ourselves and are now becoming more confident mathematicians.  
Our non-chronological reports have been a challenge to write.  We had to find out facts first of all, then use some high level vocabulary to write all the information we had found.  Mrs Willis has encouraged us to use a wide range of conjunctions to link our ideas.  

Week 25

In Science this week we were looking at vertebrates and invertebrates. We discussed which animals are which and found out that the majority are invertebrates. Vertebrates are animal with a backbone - we fall into this category. Invertebrates are animals that don’t have a backbone - worms, bugs and clams fall into this category. 

We also explored outside and went on an animal hunt, the children had great fun whizzing around trying to tick off the animals they a


Comic relief

On Friday we took part in activities centered around Comic relief. Starting with a reading task, designing our own noses (our children are so creative) and finally some quizzes on Comic relief. Mrs Bates won the quiz laugh 

Week 24

We have finally been back together in Jellyfish class. It has been wonderful having everyone back in class this week, and amazing to see how much you have all worked at home and in school towards improving your presentation.  This week we have continued our learning and the children have been extremely focussed.  We have begun our puddle, flow and rapid interventions to help close those gaps and in class we have been working hard to improve our scores in daily ten, arithmetic and spelling.  
We only have 3 more weeks until Easter but we need to make each day count. The lesson will be challenging and your brains will hurt but I know how amazing each and everyone of you are.  
Get some rest this weekend.  And come back on Monday ready for a new week of learning.  

Writing will be our focus area over the next few weeks. We are continuing to learn how to use all 5e year 4 skills and writing based on the book Flotsam, but our focus is our composition and developing our ideas.  We have already completed two publish writes and they were heavy on skills but still lacked the flare and composition required for the end of year 4 - but do not worry we have time yet to still work on this. To help with this we have introduced an extra lesson in called Flow where we will focussed on developing ideas and vocabulary so that they suit the writing.  

Here are some of our favorite pieces of work from this week.

Happy Mother’s Day 

We hope you like yours cards and make sure that the children take care of you for the day.


In maths this week we have been learning about how to solve 2 step problems involving addition and subtraction. The children found these quite tricky at the beginning of the week but we finally made progress and every child showed great determination to achieve.  On Friday we even were able to move our learning forward onto using money and decimal notation to solve problems.  Here are our learning slides from Friday. For homework, why don't you try to improve your learning and move onto the next challenge. 
Week 23

Well, it has been our final week of blended learning with some of you at home and some of you in school.  Next week you will all return from Monday and we can not wait to have you all back.  You have been amazing over the past 8 weeks. Everyday you have attended school or live lessons.  Your work has been superb and there has been no loss in learning.  We have a few areas that we need to work on, presentation and our writing being 2 of them but once you are all back in I know we will sort these.  

This week has been busy with learning and themed learning days.  You have published your stories,  dived deeper into problem solving for maths and enjoyed world book day and science day.  

World Book day

This year we celebrated world book day in our PJs. It was very comfy. Our chosen book for the morning was The Proudest Blue and we learned lots about the characters in the story and the theme behind it.  The children made their own boats and tweeted these. The co author of the book even re-tweeted us! Take a look at some of our boats.  

On Friday it was Science day. We learned about 2 key scientists Sir Joesph Banks and Tom Hart Dyke. These linked well to our topic on living things.  We got to study their lives and learn all about them.  It was a great end to the week.  

Next week as we welcome you all back, there maybe some mixed feelings.  You may be feeling happy and excited or you may be worried and scared.  All these feelings are normal, and we will help you to return.  

We can not wait to see you on Monday. 

Mrs Willis and Mrs Bates 

Week 22
I can not believe that we have only been back at school for one week.  It has felt like a very long one and I know we were all tired by Friday. This half term you will notice the learning becoming increasingly difficult.  You have been so amazing and made so much progress that we are now ready to deepen our understanding.  We have taken a few assessments this week and I have to say how proud I am of you all. 
From Monday 8th, you will be all back in class and I can not wait to have you all back. 
‘Keep up the good work. 
Mrs Willis 
For writing this half term we are studying the book Flotsam. Our main focus this half term is on composition. The children have now learned to use all year 4 skills so we now need to focus on using these with purpose considering the reader.  We will being using our imagination to gather ideas and considering what words and sentence structures we need.  This wee we started by re-telling the first part of the story but changing the character and developing characterisation.  We looked at how to use different sentence structures to engage the reader. Here are some examples of our work.  
As with writing, for maths we are going deeper with our learning.  Most concepts have now been taught, and from our assessments it is clear that the class have the skills. We are now going to ensure that we can problem solve and reason and apply our learning. Our aim is to get to at least gold but most of you should now be aiming for platinum and diamond in each lesson. This week we have gone deeper with our learning on place value and for arithmetic we have focused on addition and subtraction. 
This half term, we have begun our new topics and this week have asked big questions. In geography, we have asked where in the world is Greece? We used maps to locate continents and oceans, we practised our map skills, and then labelled maps. 
In science, we have been introduced to MRS GREN. We found this very interesting and the children had many questions about how plants were living things. 
In Re we are studying our journeys in faith and in PSHCE we are looking at relationships. 

Coming up

Next week, we have a busy busy week. It is St David’s day on Monday, World book day on Thursday, and Science day on Friday. 

Week 21 

We have finally reached the end of the term. I have been so proud of you all. I want you to have a rest, enjoy spending time with your family, and come back ready to learn.  Well done Year 4. 

Our week in pictures

Week 20

Another week of successful home learning and a week where we have focussed in school on our mental health.  The children, as always, have been amazing. Their positive attitudes in lessons has shone through and makes teaching a pleasure.  We have learned all about how to write a newspaper report, we have begun our new maths topic on money, we have investigated pitch, learned about Greek gods, and how to take care of our mental well- being.  

On Friday, in assembly, we had a great game of scavenger hunt - your letter b finds were very interesting.  

I am so, so proud of you all. Keep up the good work. We have one more week to go and then you can have a rest!

Mrs Willis 

A short video/ story about mental health for you. It is so important that we all understand mental health. Remember we are all here if there is anything you want to talk about.  

Lucy's Blue Day - A Children's Mental Health Animated Short

Our Superstars at home and in school

This week we have started our new genre of journalistic writing.  We have identified features, magpied vocabulary, practised writing orientations, learned about formal language and planned for our own reports next week based on Charlotte's web. We will even get to watch the film in Golden Time on Friday. 

Journalistic Writing - Skills

In science this week we have looked at the difference between pitch and volume. It was a difficult concept but with help from texts, videos and a practical experiment the children can now explain the different.  

Investigating Pitch

Express yourself Afternoon

Our Home Learning

Week 19
Wow! What an amazing week it has been. I can not believe ( well I can really) how sensational you have all been this week. Your work at home and in school has been sensational and we have had some fun and laughs along the way. It has been great to all remote learners joining in online and celebration assembly on Friday was great - it was lovely to see you all chatting and it shows what amazing friends you are to each other.  
This next week our focus is going to be friendship, through these times where we can not be together friendship is ever so more important. It is also children’s mental week so we will be ensuring that we focus on that next week and continue with our weekly ‘wellbeing’ sessions.  
Remember Mrs Bates and I are always here if you need us.  
Once again it has been difficult to choose my wi nets. But there have been some children who have stood out and do so in every lesson. I want every to focus on their contribution this week and rewards will be given for this.  Well done to this weeks winners. We are so proud of you. 
Another week of afternoon learning completed and your standard of work is still exceptional- just how it should be. We have learned all about the Greek soldiers and the battles that they undertook. I wonder who is more fierce the Romans or Greeks. In science we have looked at decibels and volume. In class the the children were amazed by the volume that Mrs Willis’s voice could get to without shouting. We investigated how far away we would need to be to not hear the beat of a drum - it was a fair distance across the school. In PSHCE we learned all about DRABC and the primary survey. Ashleigh Jo played an excellent role in the unconscious child. 
Your writing this week has been superb. I have assessed your publish pieces and they really impressed me. You have finally cracked dialogue! We wrote as Wilbur and his first encounter with Charlotte. We still have some improvements to make but we are definitely improving each week. 
All I can say is wow. Maths this week has at times been challenging but the children have work relentlessly on problem solving and reasoning with decimals. We are so proud of your determination in maths. 
Take a look at our remote learning. It’s amazing..
Week 18

We have finally reached Friday and half way through the term.  The Christmas Holidays seem like they were ages ago.  

This week you have all been amazing in school and at home. We have had our first full week of live lessons, and these have been really successful.  Your work has been a pleasure to mark. Keep up the good work and stay focussed.  

Next week we will be trialing assemblies and some remote closing the gap interventions so make sure you turn up for these if you are invited to them.  

You are all super stars! 

Mrs Willis and Mrs Bates


In writing this week we have moved on to Chapter 5 of Charlotte’s web.  We have studied the chapter, planned for our own writing and used skills such as show not tell, expanded noun phrases and dialogue ready to put into our writing next week,  

The children have worked exceptional hard on their presentation too which is a pleasure to see as this is a whole school priority.  Next week we will be writing a 1st person recount of the event from Wilbur’s point of view.  


In Maths this week we have moved our learning onto decimals. The children have begun to understand tenths and hundredths and we have worked on placing tenths on a number line, place value and we have divided whole numbers by ten.  

The children are at the developing stage and still need to embed this learning but for their first week on decimals they have made me proud.  Some children have even got to platinum every day.  

This week in Science we have been continuing our learning on sound. We labelled the parts of an ear and had a great discussion about sounds, ear drums, inner ear, hearing aids and lots more. 
In Encompass we found out more information about Athens and Sparta. We also wrote a letter to Archimedes to persuade him to live in Athens. 
Our RE this week looked at how Hindus prayed. PHSCE was all about what to do in an emergency. 

Remote learning 

Remote learners you have amazed me.  We have finally got 100% of you on line for each lesson and sending in your learning.  Keep up the good work as we are all so proud of you.  

Week 17 

We finally got to the end of Week 2 - it seemed a very long week.  But it has been a very success week.  I have had nearly 100% of you sending in your learning daily - some even hourly. This is amazing. A big well done to you and your parents for working so hard at home - it will make all the difference when you come back. 

This week we were the first class to set up Teams and have our first class meeting where all of you at home attended.  This is truly amazing.  I am so proud to be your teacher.  

Even though, you are at home you are working so hard and your learning has been amazing.  So it has been a difficult decision on who won the certificates this week. Each of you could have achieved it for something. 

Aziza - beautiful presentation, Harizs - amazing maths, Fahim - trying hard each day, Zeenat - I loved your letter, Cato - Your drawings are improving- Medusa was fab, Aariz - for not giving up, Iva - making me smile with your photos, Ashleigh Jo - being helpful in class, Zile - your wonderful riddle that made me think, Terrelle - for trying your best in every lesson, Lily - for growing in confidence, Samreen - for your beautiful presentation,  Abdurrahim - for making Miss Gaskell and I laugh on teams,  Thomas - for being a maths whiz, Travon - you have impressed every teacher this week, Muizz - for your determination to improve, Chantal - you were sensational in science,  Mustafa - what a difference in your handwriting,  Grace - your work and understanding of fractions, Karina - I was so impressed with your final publish write,  Laksan, you have made a superb effort in every lesson. 

Each one of you has made me proud this week!! 


This week we have been writing a persuasive letter to Mr Arable to stop him killing the runt pig. Have a look at our fantastic vocabulary below.


This week in maths we have been learning how to subtract from a whol or wholes and how to find quantities of a amouns and how to find the whole.  We were introduced to bar models and although we found it tricky at first we worked really hard and in the end we got it and it made fractions so easy to learn.  Mrs Willis was very proud of us all. 

Ashleigh - Jo and Grace.