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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Spring 1

This is your timetable for learning at home! We have tried to keep it as similar to what it is like in school so you know your routine! 



            Friday 8th January 2021



Good morning Year 3! Well done for your fantastic learning yesterday, we really are so proud of you for completing all of your work! 

It's Friday, keep up the hard work and then it's the weekend!! 




This is one of Miss French's favourite videos! So we want you to have a go at it to wake yourself up!

Banana Banana Meatball | GoNoodle

This morning for your SPaG session it is dictionary Friday! Something we know you all love doing in school! 


You can complete this at home too, you don't need a physical dictionary like we use in school, you can use your device as a dictionary too! 



Today for writing you are planning the next chapter of the story! Watch the video with Mrs Edwards explaining what to do! 


Year 3 - Friday 8th January - English

Time for a break! 

Watch some Newsround, go outside, play with your brothers and sister or some toys! Have a fun 15 minutes!




Time for our last arithmetic lesson of the week! Have a go and see how many you can get right today!


Now time for our final maths lesson of the week! 

Another lesson on capacity and volume - today we are learning to convert l and ml! 

Watch the video with Miss French to see how to do it! 

Enjoy your lunch time! Try and get outside for some fresh air if you can! 




Friday reading skills! 

We are covering multiple VIPERS in our task today - you can type on a new page in the word document and send it to us that way if it is easier! 

Reading Skills


This afternoon we are completing some computing tasks on PurpleMash. 


If you need your login details, email or send a message on ClassDojo to Miss French or Mrs Edwards and we will give them to you! 


Don't forget we can see when you have completed them! 

Have fun!


Today's story is chosen and read to you by Miss French! 

Story time with Miss French

You have made it to the end of Friday! IT'S THE WEEKEND! 

Have a wonderful weekend! 


Speak to you on Monday! :)

Thursday 7th January 2021

Good morning Year 3! We hope you had a brilliant day yesterday! We have loved seeing the work you have been doing and have been giving out lots of Dojo points! Keep up the hard work, we can't wait to see what you can produce today!


First of all, we would like you to make sure you are wide awake and ready to learn! Today we would like you to have a go at this video! 



Clap It Out - GoNoodle



Time for grammar! Watch this YouTube clip as a recap for plural possessive apostrophes. 


Once you have done that, work your way through the flipchart below and complete the tasks on the word document



Time for English! 


Today you will need to listen to Miss French read chapter three before you start your English lesson 



The Queen's Nose Chapter 3

Now let's watch the video to help you with your learning challenges today. 

What could Harmony wish for? Can you use a subordinating conjunction?


Year 3 - Thursday 7th January - English



Have your 15 minute break now, have a piece of fruit/snack, go outside if you can! 



Arithmetic time!


Today you need to complete your colour challenge, if you got all of yesterday's correct, move to the next challenge! 





In Maths, we are learning something new! Watch the video with Miss French very carefully and then have a go at your learning challenges for today!


Year 3 - Maths - Thursday 7th January


LUNCHTIME! Enjoy your lunchtime, see you back and ready for Reading Skills at 1:00pm



Reading skills! 


Watch the video and complete the challenge! 

Year 3 - Reading Skills - Thursday 7th January 2021



This afternoons learning is a PSHE lesson. 


Follow the flipchart below and complete the activity.


Today we have chosen a story all about what happens in your kitchen! 

Let us know what you think!

Kitchen Disco - Read by George Ezra

Well done for your amazing learning today! We are so proud of you, please remember to send us those photos of your work so we can let you know how well you are doing! 


Keep it up! 




Good morning Year 3! We are very excited to start our home learning journey together! 


To start off the day lets wake ourselves up by joining in with this exercise music video:




Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Dinosaur Stomp (Dance-A-Long)




Now you're wide awake, it is time for SPaG!


For today's challenge follow the flipchart below and complete the activity. 


Once this is completed, practise this weeks spellings on EdShed! 



Brilliant work in SPaG, let's crack on with our English work now! 


The first thing you need to do today is listen to Chapter Two of our story 'The Queen's Nose' 




Year 3 - Tuesday 14th Jan - Story time - Chapter 2

Now you have listened to the chapter, watch todays English lesson video with Mrs Edwards for your challenges! 

Year 3 - Wednesday 6th January 2021 - English


Here is a link to the Newsround website, you can spend your breaktime how you wish but you might like to catch up on this mornings news! 



Now it is time for Arithmetic! 


Choose your normal challenge, bronze, silver or gold and complete those challenges for today! 


You need to use the formal written method (the column method) to work these out! 


Get an adult or brother or sister to check your working out and answers! 


Today in maths we are learning something new! We are learning about mass! 


Watch and listen carefully to Miss French's video and complete your challenges! 


We have uploaded the challenges as word documents so you can type straight onto them, you don't need to print them out this way! 

Year 3 - Maths - Wednesday 6th January 2021


Time to go and enjoy your lunch! See you at 1:00pm!


It's time for reading skills now. 


Watch the video below to help you answer the questions on the word document!

Year 3 - Reading Skills - Wednesday 6th January 2021


This afternoon we are going to complete some art! 


Here is a video showing you how to draw some pyramids step by step. We would like you to have a go and then colour it in if you can! Can't wait to see the pictures of your pictures!

How to draw the pyramids

How to draw giza pyramidsHello kids! This is a simple drawing tutorial on drawing a pyramid. Giza Pyramid complex is in Giza, on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt.


For today's story time we would like you to listen to Mrs Edwards read chapter 2 of The Queen's Nose again. 


If you would prefer, you can watch the video on mute and read the chapter yourself! 


What was your favourite part? Who is your favourite character? Let us know! 

Year 3 - Tuesday 14th Jan - Story time - Chapter 2