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Our Lockdown blog

Thursday 28th May 


We have had a fantastic day and made the most of the beautiful weather. We started the day with some free play outside. We had various activities to choose from including loom bands, colouring, water play and paper mache ready for our hot air balloons. 


For lunch, we had a picnic and sat outside under the parasols.


After lunch, we went for a little walk along the canal. We saw lots of amazing things on our adventure including the bottle kilns, a barge boat and some ducklings. We made sure we were all safe and stayed away from the side of the water. As the theme for this week is based around Stoke on Trent and the pottery industry, we had a little quiz to see how much we had remembered from the previous day. 


We were extremely tired after our walk so decided to watch a film whilst we cooled down.  


We all had a brilliant day including the teachers 

Wednesday 27th May 


What a fantastic day in the sun! This week we are learning all about pottery, this morning we had a socially distanced walk up to the canal to look at the bottle kilns, we had a sit on the grass and drew them, we talked about what it would of looked like years ago when our Great gran parents were small. We looked on the internet to find photos of Stoke On Trent all those years ago when the kilns were in action! 


Also while walking along the canal we came across a heron! We tip toed along so as not to scare him looking for his lunch

The sun had his hat on today so we enjoyed some outside time, lots of activities in the shade

Dinner time Mr Grocott very kindly brought us all an ice cream treat! 

This afternoon we learnt about a very famous pottery designer Clarice Cliff we all had lots of fun making our own plate.






27th May .. half term fun with Miss James, Mrs Mason, Mr Grocott, and Mrs Lawton

Friday 22nd May 2020

We have had the most wonderful day to end our week. We have completed yoga to keep us fit and healthy. We had lots of fun and laughs as we fell over! Some of us had a great time preparing for a party to celebrate our week's learning. 

We designed party hats and made place mats for the party. Some of us completed art work and enjoyed trying different styles of art. 





Tuesday 19th May


We have had a lovely day today! We spent the morning completing all of our learning, we are getting much better at this now! KS1 had a very competitive game in phonics first thing! 


Some of us then went and collected some bits and pieces from outside to complete some nature art! 


This afternoon we spent the afternoon celebrating as our theme this week is 'celebrations'. We made bunting, invitations to parties and played party games! 


We had a fantastic day! :) 

Wednesday 20th May 2020

What a glorious, sunny day it has been today! We started our morning by playing some educational games on Spelling Shed and Purple Mash then we completed our home learning packs. Some children then were taught how to set up their own email address so they can now email their teachers and show them all of their amazing work! 

We had our lunch sat outside, it was extremely hot! After we had finished, we spent some time playing outside on the field. Some of us were playing penalty shoot outs, rolling down the hill and also making daisy chains :-)

In the afternoon, we had a cool and calming time by learning about the celebration, Earth Day. We each had a section of a picture that we coloured in or used some nature from the field so we can now put all of our parts together to create one big picture! Some of us went on a bear hunt in the afternoon, we were very excited to go looking for a bear!

Our Super Learning from Wednesday 20th May!

Fabulous Photos From Tuesday 19th May

Friday 15th May


Today the weather has been nice so we played lots of games outside. We played: Shark wan do, wink murder, look down/up and cut the cake. In the classroom, Miss Vaughan challenged the KS2 students to a quick quiz about Florence Nightingale and emergency services around the world. We also practiced our spellings with some games.


This afternoon we made lanterns in memory of Florence Nightingale and we wrote happy cards to our favourite teachers who do so much for us. 

Thursday 14th May


This morning we completed our Reading, Writing and maths learning. Afterwards, we explored the role play areas and became gardeners, chefs, construction workers and cashiers. Our maths learning came in handy when we were finding the total value of the customers items. 

At lunchtime, we had a picnic in the glorious sunshine and enjoyed playing What Time Is It Mr Wolf, Duck-Duck-Goose and other games that are the children’s favourite. 

In the afternoon, we had fun in the outdoor areas playing games, exploring nature and digging in the mud kitchen to create mud pies! 

Thursday 14th May

Wednesday 13th May


We have had an exciting day of learning today! 

This morning we completed our maths and writing tasks, building on and developing our knowledge of our year group skills.


This afternoon, we became historians and took on the challenge of researching what hospitals were like many hundreds of years ago. Hospitals were very different back then!  We looked at the Roman Hospitals, Victorian medicine and how the Middle Age doctors treated their patients. We also learned that Florence Nightingale created the pie chart. 

Continuing our learning about people who help us, we created our own emergency services heroes and even designed our own exciting uniforms for them to wear. 
The children were so interested in the roles and responsibilities of people who help us, that we researched more about other countries and cities to compare the similarities and differences between the emergency services. Did you know the police in Venice travel by boat? The children were shocked that this was how they traveled. 

Tuesday 12th May 2020

Today, after completing our daily learning in the morning, we had a great time exploring the outdoors. We played with bubbles, enjoyed bouncing on space hoppers and collected beautiful wild flowers. After this, we brainstormed about who helps us and then wrote letters to say thank you to all of the people who help us. For example, we wrote to paramedics to thank them for their hard work, we wrote to doctors to show our gratitude for their knowledge and care and to many other people for their work around our country. 



Monday 11th May


Hello everyone :). Today we had a super fun day. Downstairs we were learning all about halves and quarters. We talked about what that meant and had a go practically. That was our maths for the day. After this our teachers thought it would be nice to do some exercise and we chose to do some Zumba. We chose our favourite 'I like to Move it' from Madagascar. We got really sweaty so we went outside to get some fresh air....but we ended up having a run on the playground so we were really tired after!! 


At Lunch time, we decided to have picnic style lunch! That was a real thumbs up! :) 


In the Afternoon, we had a super surprise. We were asked to make our very own sandwiches and fruit cocktails! What a fab way to put our newly learned halves and quarters into practise! We were allowed to safely cut our sandwiches into two (we know this means half) and four (quarters) and we really remembered the new vocabulary! Another super day, we miss all of our friends so much.

See you tomorrow :) 


Monday 11th May

This morning we completed our Maths and English tasks. We also shared some stories and completed reading comprehension tasks using Bug Club. 

At lunchtime we went outdoors and chased bubbles, played basketball and had lots of fun.

This afternoon we talked about people who help us and in particular today we looked at Florence Nightingale. We found out lots of interesting facts and created a fact file and picture of her. 

One of the facts that we found out was that she would have been 200 years old tomorrow. 

Friday 8th May


Today we were lucky enough to celebrate VE Day with our friends and teachers. This morning we created decorations for our afternoon ‘street’ party and baked lots of treats to enjoy - scones, biscuits and 2 giant Victoria sponges with buttercream! As the weather has been so warm we had a super long break so we could play all of our favourite sports such as basketball, football and hockey. We decorated our outside picnic area with bunting, table cloths, flowers and painted rocks, ready for our afternoon tea later on.


After lunch, we watched a clip from Bedknobs and Broomsticks and talked about evacuees and thought about how we would feel in their position. We also spoke about air raid shelters and decided on what we would’ve had to entertain us in those times. Then we went into the sunshine again and flew air gliders that looked like RAF planes. 

Finally it was time for our party! We couldn’t decide on how to pronounce scones but we sure enjoyed eating them with jam and cream. Our favourite was the Victoria sponge, some of us even had 2 slices. In fact we loved it so much that our teachers taught us a new game called ‘cut the cake’!

Thursday 7th May 


This morning we got ourselves active by doing Just Dance & the staff enjoyed it as much as the children!

We split into groups-nursery, reception & KS1 working in one space & lower & upper KS2 in another doing our morning learning of Maths & English-some children wrote great letters to Keyworkers to thank them for all that they are doing at present.

After lunch we talked about VE Day & had a carousel of different activities including- decoding Morse Code ,wordsearch, making a Spitfire ,colouring VE Day celebration sheets ,making bunting & pancakes as this was what they ate.

Wednesday 6th May


What a fun day we have had today!

This morning we worked on our learning packs & the children showed us what superstars they were!

After morning break we discussed what makes us healthy for example food & exercise then we completed our healthy food lunch box.Talking about all that healthy food it was time for us to have our own lunch!During our lunch break we played on the equipment.

In the afternoon we had great fun doing circuits , were we had 9 different circuits to complete.Afterwards in teams we had a mini sports day! To finish of the afternoon we did design your own medal- choosing your favourite race,mindfulness colouring & painted the pottery from yesterday!

Tuesday 5th May 2020

We have had such a good day today!


We started the day with our daily learning. We really impressed our teachers! The younger children watched an episode of Dr Knows to link in with our health and fitness topic.

After break it was time to get creative. Some of us had already made some jugs out of clay so it was time to paint the jugs. The other children who hadn’t made their jugs had the chance to make something with the clay. 

We spent our dinner time on the field, playing games, making daisy chains and making nests. 


After dinner it was time for our fitness to link in with our topic. We went back onto the field and played duck duck goose to get our heart rates going. Finally we played with the parachute and played a game called cat and mouse as well as making a huge tent. We finished off with some mindfulness, focusing on our breathing and our minds. 


You can see what we have been up to below 


Monday 4th May 2020

What a busy day we’ve had! We started the day with our home learning packs and worked really hard to complete some Maths and English.

Then we introduced our new topic Health & Fitness and talked about what keeps our minds and body healthy. We looked at our vital organs and located them on our bodies. We even managed to create our very own circuit to exercise and keep fit, we did this all by ourselves and had our own stations. Take a look at some photographs below...


Thursday 30th April


This morning, we worked through our learning packs on topics such as fractions, interviewing and designing pet houses. We made a den on the stage to relax in this afternoon. The FS1/2 group tried out some ‘Frozen’ yoga and role played as different animals. They also played hairdresser, builders and outside with water and lots of games. Once their work was complete, KS1/2 celebrated outside with a game of elephant football and running challenges set by their teachers. 

All of our teachers have been impressed today with our beautiful manners, teamwork and kindness. As a treat this afternoon we got to choose our afternoon activities and went to lots of different stations such as colouring, table football, Lego, board games, touch table and more! In between the rainy showers, we have also played outside.

Wednesday 29th April


Following our theme of the week, we learnt a little bit today about life under the sea and the animals who live there. We watched some videos about the depth of the ocean and some of our favourite sea creatures! After we watched our videos we wrote down some questions we have to send off to a marine biologist. We can’t wait to find out the answers! We also played one of our favourite games (Hey Fishy Fishy!) and did some animal colouring.


The best part of the day was playing Just Dance, everyone got involved and we had lots of fun (and lots of laughs!)

Tuesday 28th April 


Today we started the morning with 'Amarillo' - a little project we are working on - all top secret for the time being! 

At 10:50am Miss Gaskell and Mrs Willis came and did an assembly with us about all the special key workers and what an amazing job they are doing. At 11:00 today we had our 1 minute silence - showing our respect for those key workers who have died whilst working on the frontline to help look after the sick. As always the children were beautifully respectful and answered lots of questions. 

In the afternoon - today was dogs! Take a look at our fantastic puppies - who are cheering us up in the hall!

Morning Learning

Fresh Air Fun

Our Pets Topic

Construction Time

Monday 27th April 


Another great start to the week. 

We started the morning with Joe Wicks - which got all our hearts pumping this morning! 

After a morning of our learning tasks - in the afternoon we started our new topic for this week - pets.

We made rainbow fish and goldfish bowls which turned out fantastic and look amazing hanging in the hall. 

Friday 24th April

Today we used ' Just Dance' for our morning workout with our favourite songs and then we hit the books completing our daily tasks on the ipads.  

We also had the opportunity to try out the new technology in school on the tablet table - we made a jigsaw and a rather addictive game called ' Straight line's' 

Our learning took us up to lunch time where we enjoyed our sandwiches - picnic style.  

After a beautiful play outside making the most of the sun, we came in to an afternoon activity, We made pompoms, painted rocks, made pictures using metal punches, we made fruit loop necklaces and decorated biscuits - What a busy afternoon!

Due to popular demand we had another Just Dance and ended the day chilling with Shaun the Sheep. 


Thursday 23rd April 2020

Happy St.George’s Day & Shakespeare Day! We started this morning with preparations for our lunch/afternoon tea party by making bunting. We then did morning lessons. After break we learnt some more about St.George & read some interesting facts about Shakespeare. At lunchtime Mrs.Burns, Mrs. Foster & Miss. Boone had prepared a lovely lunch table  for us to eat outside- Mrs. Foster made some delicious cupcakes. In the afternoon we did some drama, acting out the story of St.George - we had great fun !

Wednesday 22nd April

This morning to get us ready for our learning we did Just Dance & the children had some great moves! We started with our learning & that took us up to breaktime, where we went outside to enjoy the wonderful sunshine. After break we helped Mrs. Foster turn over the soil in the vegetable patch, we looked at the herbs that were growing sage, a bay tree, chives & we also found a strawberry patch- we worked up an appetite. In the afternoon we carried on with British Values & coloured in some teapots & cups.To start with St.George’s Day celebrations we designed our own Shields, coloured dragons & made bunting.To finish off the day a game of Stuck in the Mud & a story

Summer Term - Tuesday 21st April 2020

We started the day by completing our work. The children in ducklings and ducks class had a practical maths lesson to complete. They had to fill up their cups and put them in order. 


After break time, we wanted to celebrate the Queens birthday so we designed our own birthday cakes for the Queen and made our invitations to her party. 


We spent our dinner time playing on the equipment as the weather was so beautiful.


After dinner, some of us made royal crowns and flags whilst the older children create a biography pic collage all about the Queen to carry on with our 'British Values' theme.


We ended the day by finishing off our film 'Madagascar'


What a lovely day - you can see some of our pictures below 

Summer Term - Monday 20th April 2020


After all of the activities over the Easter holidays it was time to start our summer term work. We spent the morning working on our maths, writing and reading. We worked really hard!

This week our theme is the 'British values'. With it being the Queens 94th birthday tomorrow, we decided to make a collage of the Queens face and make giant stamps. 

After dinner, we discussed what the 'British Values' were and made a birthday card for the Queen. We finished our day off by watching Madagascar!


We have had a fabulous day and cannot wait to continue our learning tomorrow. 

Summer Term 

Asda Superstar

Whilst out at Asda today I noticed a lot of Easter Eggs still unsold and mentioned how it would be nice if they donated some to the children still in at school, well one of the security guards heard me say this and very kindly offered to get some for the children! Just goes to show how in these strange and uncertain times there are still those out there who are kind and generous to those they have never met before, this man has made my day and I can't thank him enough for his kindness, remember children "In a world where you can be anything, be kind" 

Thursday 16th April 

We have had another fabulous day today and been lucky enough to spend most of it outside again! 

We started the day by decorating an old shoe-box into an animal habitat of our choice. We had lots of different ideas from beaches to winter wonderlands to under the ocean. We used lots of different resources to make them look realistic. Take a look at some of them below:



We were then joined by Port Vale who did outdoor activities with us from 10 o'clock to 1 o'clock, we enjoyed playing just dance, hide and seek, 60 - 60. We loved spending so much time outdoors. 


During the afternoon, we made daisy chains, created our own obstacle course and ended the day watching a film - after all that exercise we were very tired. Thank you to the children for a lovely day and for their enthusiasm as always. Stay Safe x 

Tuesday 14th April 2020


What a fun-filled day we have had today! We have been extremely lucky with the weather again so we have spent a lot of the day having fun outside :-)

We started the day by making paper chain snakes as the theme this week is animals. We had a lot of fun running around the hall with our snakes and having competitions with each other to see who could make the longest one! Take a look at how long we made them!



Afterwards, Port Vale came in to school and we danced on Just Dance and played musical statues. We were very good at keeping as still as statues! We then went outside as two teams and played multiple games of hide and seek. There are so many hiding places outside, it was great! Next, we had some free time playing with the equipment outside and some of us made daisy chains.

After dinner, we went outside again to paint some rocks with nail varnish. We used a variety of colours to make our rocks look super sparkly in the sunshine. After a very busy day, we set up our own cinema (with snacks!) and watched Toy Story 4. We have had a fantastic day today! 

Monday 13th April


Happy Bank Holiday Monday!! Its been a sunny one at school today but that wind has sure made us chilly, regards we have had a fun day as the fab four!

We went outside and made an obstacle course, safety first so Jess has her hard hat on wink


We then worked on a masterpiece for our school entrance thanking the NHS and keyworkers for their hard work and dedication.

Doesn't it look amazing, we are very proud of it and how well we designed all of the keyworkers and our wonderful colouring smiley

We braved the outdoors again at lunch time after eating together in the hall and Miss Davies got some bubbles out, we were amazed how far they travelled in the wind, all the way to the field and up and over the school!

As it is Easter this afternoon we made a little display in the hall which we thought our friends who join us this week can add too, we made 3D bunnies and designed our very own Easter Eggs, we love getting crafty!

We have had a lovely day and enjoyed every moment together, another great day at Waterside heart

Lots of Love the Fab Four, Miss Davies, Mrs Lawton and Mrs Foster x

Thursday 9th April


We started the day by exercising with Joe Wicks!

Then we had fun outside with Port Vale. We played football cricket, before having an egg and spoon race! Finally, we played hide an seek!

After lunch, we enjoyed an afternoon of craft activities. We decorated peg dolls, made Easter bunny cards, and created our own necklaces and bracelets.

During our afternoon activities, we had a surprise visit from the Easter bunny! We went on an Easter egg hunt all over the school to find the tasty treats he had hidden! He did a very good job hiding them from us!

Wednesday 8th April, 


started our day with Joe Wicks, we made some lovely dream catchers, before heading outside for a picnic snack and story time.

craft’s continued up to lunch where we ate outside in the sunshine together.

We celebrated Waterside has talent before playing hide and seek, teachers v Children

Tuesday 7th April 

This morning we started the day by getting sporty with Joe Wicks. We then had lots of fun being creative making our own Easter chicks and spent the rest of the morning playing games and having fun with Port Vale. 


This afternoon we brightened up our school building by creating a rainbow border around the school using chalk.....we hope this makes you all smile =)


We then enjoyed some time on the play equipment and finished off with some more creative tasks including our cupcake daffodil and pastel bunnies. 



A fabulous day of fun, sun and laughter. 



Easter Holidays 

Monday 06/04/20

We started the morning with some Easter colouring and some Easter activities inside our booklets . During break time we were able to play on the climbing equipment and had lots of fun in the sun running around. 


After break time we made some Easter cards for our families. We researched our designs on the ipad and created our handmade cards - they were all amazing and so very different and unique.


After dinner time we made some chocolate nest cakes. Once we were finished our cakes we put them into the freezer so that the chocolate would set before we went home. 


We finished the day by watching Peter rabbit the movie which was very funny. 


Thank you for a totally awesome day 


Mrs Twigg, Mrs Acar and Mr Bates 


Friday 03/04/20


We started the day with some colouring followed by some fun with our balloons. This set us up for our morning of work. We worked really hard and managed to finish our work before break time.

After break we made salt dough and made suns using our handprints. We put them outside to harden whilst we did our daily exercise with Joe Wicks. We were then ready for our dinner. 


After our dinner we did a carousel, we had an ipad station, a loom band station, a threading station, a rock painting station and a station where we created our own sunshines. When we had finished our sunshines we used them to create a beautiful mobile. 


Finally it was time to finish our handprints by painting them. We were so happy with how they turned out. 

Thank you for a lovely day children 


Mrs Twigg, Miss Marsh, Mrs Bates and Mrs Burns 

Wednesday 1st April

Wednesday 1st April 


Today the children have done Joe Wicks PE, their daily learning, team games and some arts and crafts. We created sunshine by painting a big sun and for the rays we cut around our hands. We also created small group ones with tissue paper and cut out triangles. 


We’ve all had a great day. 

Tuesday 31st March 

Today the children have had a great day learning, making rainbows and sunshine. 



We have had a fantastic day today filled with lots of learning, art, baking and fun. We started our day off with a little bit of exercise watching Joe Wicks but by the end of the session we were all exhausted and ready for a sit down.


Next, we impressed our teachers by completing our Maths, English and reading activities and when we had finished we were all ready for a run around on the playground.


After our break we were ready to get creative! Our theme for this week is sunshine so we came up with the idea of creating our own sunshines to make a display on the windows in the school hall. We also decided to create a huge sun and place our handprints inside to show that we all worked together to create the beautiful and bright display.



After creating our sunshines it was time for our lunch. During our lunchtime we continued with our sunshine theme and used the chalks to draw some fantastic drawings on our playground 
After lunch time we made some sunshine cupcakes. We used yellow food colouring to make sure that they were yellow and decorated them using yellow butter icing. They looked and smelt delicious!

Finally we planted our very own sunflower to take home with us. We designed our own planting pots, filled them with soil and planted a sunflower seed inside the soil. We cant wait to watch it grow!

After a busy day it was time to go home but before we went home we went outside to look at the amazing display that we had created. We all felt very proud of what we had achieved.

FRIDAY 26th MARCH 2020

We started our day taking part in the Joe Wicks' daily workout. Some of us were very tired afterwards!

Then we impressed our teachers by doing our daily English and Maths tasks. One of the children read a story to end the morning.