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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance



We will start as we always do, by recognising our own name. 

Your child should be beginning to recognise their own name from a small selection of different names . 

You might want to make this a little trickier by writing some more name cards that look similar to their own names. 

This will ensure that they are looking at their whole name rather than just selected letters.


Next, I would like you to recap the letter sounds video. See if you can join in with the words and the actions.  

Jolly Phonics Phase One

Digging for treasure

I would like you to collect two sets of objects suitable to get messy. We are going to bury these objects in a tray of sand/soil/flour (or anything similar that you have).

Each set of objects must have names beginning with the same initial sound. Choose initial sounds for each set that sound very different from one another.

Bury the objects in preparation for the session. As the children uncover the treasure, group the objects by initial sound and each time another is added recite the content of that set: Wow! You’ve found a car. Now we have a cup, a cow, a candle and a car. 

Ask your child what initial sounds the objects begin with. 

To further challenge your child, ask you child once you have finished digging for treasure "can you think of any other objects that begin with this sound?" 

"can you think of any names of your friends or family that begin with this initial sound?"


Make sure that you upload your photos on to portfolio. I want to give out lots of dojos for this phonics task.