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We ended the school year last year with 96.8% Attendance! Our aim for 97% this year



We will start as we always do, by recognising our own name. 

Your child should be beginning to recognise their own name from a small selection of different names . 

You might want to make this a little trickier by writing some more name cards that look similar to their own names. 

This will ensure that they are looking at their whole name rather than just selected letters.


Next, I would like you to recap the letter sounds video. See if you can join in with the words and the actions.  

Jolly Phonics Phase One

Mouth movements

Explore different mouth movements with your child – blowing, sucking, tongue stretching and wiggling. Practising these movements regularly to music can be fun and helps children with their articulation.


Voice sounds

Show children how they can make sounds with their voices, for example:

■ Make your voice go down a slide – wheee!

■ Make your voice bounce like a ball – boing, boing

■ Sound really disappointed – oh

■ Hiss like a snake – ssssss

■ Keep everyone quiet – shshshsh

■ Gently moo like a cow – mmmoooo

■ Look astonished – oooooo!

■ Be a steam train – chchchchch

■ Buzz like a bumble bee – zzzzzzz

■ Be a clock – tick tock.

This can be extended by joining single speech sounds into pairs (e.g. ee-aw like a



Finally, I would like you to try a new game - 'Listen and Draw'

This is a fun game to play with 2 people. The first person says a segmented word and the second person draws it. They can take turns to be the person segmenting or drawing. Begin with short and simple words such as:

- P-i-g

- D-o-g

- C-a-t

- B-i-n

- B-u-n


Ensure you are pronouncing the letter sounds correctly - refer to the video above if you are unsure. smiley