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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance


Hello Reception class, this morning we will start as we do every morning, recapping both phase 2 and phase 3 sounds. I would like you to focus on the sounds you have been struggling with this week. Choose at least 3 sounds. Write them out 3 times. Can you think of some words that include this sound? Write them below the sounds you have chosen. Draw a picture next to each sound to help you remember the soundssmiley



Now we will look at our memory words. Go through each word. Can they read it straight away? Remember you sound a memory word out you just have to know them. Again, focus on misconceptions from the week. Are there any you are struggling to remember? Write them out on your paper and stick them around the house where you will see them all day. Keep recapping them whenever you get a chance.



Continue to look at your High Frequency Words. Remember you should not be sounding them out; these are words that we should read fluently. The more of these you know the stronger your reading will become smiley



Today we are focusing on writing, depending on your child and their ability is the task that you will choose, if your child cannot write all pre writing shapes then please focus on these. They could practice writing them in different textures, rice, sand, paint?



If your child can form all the pre writing shapes then they can practise writing cvc words using their phonics knowledge, they can write the words below:

                           Chip               shop

bath               queen

sting             night


If your child is confident with writing simple sounds they can move onto caption writing, the children should carefully listen to the sounds in each word to write the caption, between each word, there should be a finger space; this makes it easier to read after. Finger spaces is something, which we have discussed in school, but you may need to discuss further with your child.

As always handwriting is a focus and the children should be using their pre cursive handwriting, they should always write on the line and should be presenting their work as best as they can. Here are the captions below, depending on your child they may write 1 or 2 captions or they may write them all.


it has been hot

the light is bright

I see the queen

I sang the song


Don’t forget to send pictures to your teacher smiley