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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance



We will start as we always do, by recognising our own name. 

By now your child should be beginning to recognise their own name from a small selection of different names . 

To make this a little trickier you might want to write some more name cards that look similar to their own names. 

This will ensure that they are looking at their whole name rather than just selected letters.


Next, I would like you to recap the letter sounds video. See if you can join in with the words and the actions.  



Jolly Phonics Phase One

Next, we are going to play Alliteration 'I spy' 

This is where we use the initial sound of a word to give a clue.

Please ensure that you are using the correct letter sounds when you are playing this game - the correct letter sounds are sounded out in the video above. So a = 'ah' not 'ay' etc. 


I would like you to begin this with a small group of objects laid out in front of you. If your child gets this easily then do expand to other objects within the room. 


If you child is choosing objects that do no begin with the same letter sound, please do ensure that you correct your child by emphasising the letter sound and explaining that it is different. 



Finally, I would like you to play 'Tony Train' 

For this game you will need a toy train (or something that you can pretend is a train) and a hidden bag of toy animals/teddies/pictures. 



Grown up - "This is tony train he goes through the jungle and what does he see?" (this can be altered depending on what type of animals you use). 

Get your child to chant "Tony Train! Tony Train!" (with train arm actions)

"What did you see today?" (with hand spectacles actions)


Grown ups: Choose an animal from inside the bag (keep it hidden) and give alliterative clues for the child to guess for example "This animal is ssssssssslippy, sssssslimy, sssssscaly" really emphasise the initial sound. Your child may be able to guess what it is but if not, don't worry! You can show your child the animal and get them to repeat the emphasised initial sound. 


Have lots of fun with this and make sure you send me lots of photographs so that we can give out lots of dojos. smiley