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For Phonics today I would like the children to recap their phase 2 sounds and the memory words which are below:

If you feel your child is confident with the phase 2 sounds and memory words then you may want to begin to show the children these new sounds and begin to introduce the phase 3 memory words above, the children do know some of these memory words.

You can then play 'I spy' together, it is a perfect game for the children to practise their initial sound knowledge without knowing it and having lots of fun whilst doing it. If you begin it lets the children understand the concept, have fun learning! wink

I would also like you to recap Letter names with your child using the video below:


letter sounds youtube

Learn letter sounds by watching and listening to this video compiled from Leap Frog

Today we will be looking at real and non real words, we have done this with the children a few times and it is something they love. We teach real and non real words as in Year 1 the national phonics screening contains a section where the children must read nonsense words so it is a very important skill for them to have. 

To practise the children can access these games from phonics play, we have used these games before so the children should know what to do with them smiley

This will really help the children with their segmenting and blending skills and to help with their understanding of language and words, I have also attached a document should you wish to cut it out for the children to use or you could even make your own game.