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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance


Miss Davies and Miss Mayer are live this morning so please join our phonics lesson. If you are unable to join then our learning for today is below. 

This morning, we would like you to start by recapping your phase 2 and phase 3 sounds. We would like you to then pick 3 sounds that you have been struggling with today or this week. Can you think of a word with this sound in? Write each sound out some paper and draw a box around it. Can you decorate the both with different colours, spots, starts, hearts or different patterns to help you focus on this sound. You can then use these cards as flashcards to refer to throughout the day. 



Now we would like you to recap your memory words. Yesterday, our lesson focus was on memory words. Can you remember which two memory words we focused on? how do we spell the memory words? Recap all phase 2 and 3 memory words below.



Now we would like you to focus on you High Frequency Words. The children will need to be able to read these words without sounding them out. At the start of home learning you were asked to pick 5 words and focus on these. Can you read each of these words now? Have you pushed yourselves  to learn more of them? 



Miss Davies and I, have noticed some children in school and at home are struggling with 'b' and 'd'. It is very common for these two letters to be mixed up. Therefore this will be our learning focus for today. 

First, we would like you to practice writing each letter on the line in your pre-cursive handwriting. Remember each letter is an ascender and should stand nice and tall. In school we like to use the 'bed' picture to help the children understand which was the letters are formed.



b        d



Can you now read the following words, make sure you look at the sounds carefully. Is it a 'b' or a 'd'. 


bed       deep

dog       bait

bath     duck

Now you can recognise the 'b' and 'd' sound we would like you to look at the pictures below. What can you see? Write the word for each picture. Use your best handwriting and stay on the line. As well at looking at your writing we are looking at your presentation of work, this is just as important as your writing.



For your challenge today. Can you put the words above into a caption? We would like Reception children to start thinking independently. Choose on of the words you have written or one of the words we read at the start of phonics. Can you put them into a sentence? You may want to think of your own word. 

Again, in your best handwriting, write us 3 captions. 


Please don't forget to take a picture of your work and send it to your teacher so we can confirm you have completed your phonics lesson on our daily work log smiley​​​​​​​