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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance


Good morning reception class. Miss Davies and Miss Mayer will be live teaching today so please log on for support with your phonics:) If you are unable to get on to teams then our learning is below. 

Today i would like you to start with recapping the phase 2 and phase 3 sounds. We will come across a digraph and a trigraph. Can you remember what they are? A digraph is 2 letters that make 1 sound. A trigraph is 3 letters that make one sound. Before you recap the sounds can you name 1 trigraph and 1 digraph?



Now we would like you to see how many of the High Frequency Words you can read. Remember the children need to be able to read these words without segmenting and blending. 



Today in phonics we are focusing on the memory words. These are words that we can not sound out they just have to know them. Below are the phase 2 and 3 memory words. Have a go at reading the words below. If you can read the word can you verbally put it into a sentence? 

For example: 'to' I went to the park



Last week we focused on two memory words, was and my. Can you write the two memory words independently?

was     my  

This week I would like us to focus on me and he. These are two of our phase 3 memory words. Have a go at writing them out in your best, pre-cursive handwriting. Remember to keep all of the letters on the line. 


me     he  


Looking at the sentences below, can you spot the memory words. With a highlighter or underlining the word can you read the sentences and spot 'me' and 'he'. You should try this independently and if you are struggling your adult can help you.


It was me at the shop

he is looking at the fish 

at the shop  he fell

run with me

 Did you find the memory words? Now it is time we practice  writing our memory words. Focus on your handwriting and presentation. Write the words below on the line, in pre cursive handwriting. 



me        he

be        we

was    my

she      her

If you were confident with this task I would like you to practice writing the memory words with captions. Your adult will read the memory words to you and you must write them out using your memory word knowledge. 


me and mum will go tonight 

it can be hot in the sun

 we can see the dog 

that is my hat

she will need a bath

i see her at the hop


Do not forget to send your pictures to your teachers :)