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We ended the school year last year with 96.8% Attendance! Our aim for 97% this year


To begin today's phonics we begin by recapping our previously taught sounds, like in the video yesterday it is very important that the children are saying these sounds correctly. The children should also practise reading previously taught memory words and words from the 100 first high frequency words, remember to focus on a few at a time and move onto a new set when the children are secure to do so.

I would like the children to practise their letter formation, making sure they are starting all their letters on the line in one fluid motion to write pre cursively. Ascenders should be tall, descenders fall under the line and all other letters should be the same size. I know the children love the jedi master writing video so I have attached it below smiley

Early Years (EYFS) Letter Formation ABC | Precursive 'Jedi Writing'

Write the Alphabet for Kids - Cursive Handwriting A to ZHow to Write the Alphabet like a Jedi is a cursive writing video. This cursive writing video has a St...

Now look at our reading skills, can the children read the words below and then draw a picture for each word this shows if the children understand what they have read.

Now it is time for our writing, can you write the word for each picture:

Now you can either decide to write your own caption using one of the pictures below or write the ones below:

Make sure you send your phonics work to portfolio before you enjoy your break and snack.