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As always, we start our phonics by recapping the Phase 2 sounds and memory words. Again, you can do this in any way you like. Make it as fun as possible for the children. It is very important we know our sounds so we can continue to deepen our reading and writing skills. Try a hunt if you have not done one yet, point and say the word/sound, sing along to the songs below.

Tricky Words and Sight Words Song

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Jolly Phonics A-Z

I've been using this song whenever I teach kids how to read . It helps your child to read very fast.

Today for our writing, I would like you to practice writing the memory words. This is also an opportunity to practice your letter formation. Remember your letters need to start on the line and be pre-cursive. We have ascenders, which are tall letters and descenders that go below the line.

You will know your own child’s ability and please support their learning how you see best.

I suggest writing the memory words for your child to see so they can copy the correct formation of the memory words. Before writing the memory, words ask your child if they know how to spell them. Below are the memory words we are looking at in class.


I, go, to, the, into, no


Lets finish with some segmenting and blending. We are going to use the reading machine to blend our words, have a look at the video below and see how you get on. Identify each sound and blend them together.

Reading machine, middle a, CVC words, blending 3 letter words, lowercase, phonics.

Use the reading machine to read CVC words with the sound 'a' as the middle letter. Say the letter sounds and then blend to read the three letter words. Suita...

Can you make your own reading machine? Write down a CVC word for you child and ask them to sound each letter and then blend them together. Use your robot arms like we do in class smiley