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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance


Miss Mayer and Miss Davies are live for phonics, please join us for all of the support you need. Today we will start by recapping our phase 2 and phase 3 sounds. Even if your child has moved on to phase 3 sounds, please recap both phase 2 and 3. We always need reminding of our sounds smiley



We worked really hard on our memory words yesterday. Lets see how many we can remember. Go through the sounds and read each one independently. Don't forget to make a list of the ones you are struggling with so you can keep recapping them throughout the day. 



Today we will be recapping the sounds that we learnt at the start of the week. Can you remember what phase 3 sounds we were working on? In your books I would like you to practice the three sounds, starting all letters on the line and writing pre-cursive.

ai    ee    igh

Firstly, lets look at where the sounds usually come in a word. Looking at the words below, can you spot the sounds? Highlight each sound in the word. Where have they come? Start, middle or end? 


rain             seed             sigh

train             tree             night

aim            weed          flight


Although, we are recapping the sounds our focus today is our handwriting and presentation. Every child in reception should be writing pre-cursively. This prepares them for when they enter year one and begin joining their handwriting. We also write on the line. From in school and home learning we can see some children are struggling to stay on the line. With their pencil touch the line and then start the letter, this is constant repetition and reminders for the children.


Presentation is important when we are working. Children must be starting their writing at the top of the page on the left hand side by the margin. Keep all letters the same size and focus on your finger spaces.



Please follow the activity that best suits your child needs. They will be working on their letter formation, starting to write cvc words or writing captions. If your child needs to work on their letter formation, use the picture below to work on each letter of the alphabet. Remember your ascenders and descenders are key.



If your child was confident with this or you may want to give them a challenge practice writing the words below. Again, presentation is key so look for ascenders, descenders and small letters that all stay the same size. 



       aim              week           tonight

hail             see              night

tail              keep            light


After you have written the words, or you may have written a few and realised your child needs to move on, you can begin to write captions. When writing captions we would like you to focus on finger spaces after each word. 


The light is bright

I can see the rain

It is hot tonight


Don't forget to send your pictures to your teacher smiley​​​​​​​