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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance


Miss Mayer and Miss Davies are live for phonics this morning, come along and join in our session smiley Go at your own pace and take what you can from our live learning. This morning in phonics we are focusing on our writing skills. Please recap the phase 2 and phase 3 sounds. Work on any misconceptions picked up from yesterday.



Now we would like you to focus on your memory words. This week we have learnt the new memory words 'was' and 'my'. Can you put our two memory words into a sentence verbally? Recap both phase 2 and phase 3 memory words. Point to a word and see if they can say it. 



Today we are focusing on writing cvc/cvcc words and captions. 


Some children are still practicing their pre-writing shapes. It is so important they can form these shapes before writing. If they are still struggling with these, make this a big focus for today. Everybody is learning at a different pace so please don't worry if your child is still writing the shapes smiley First ask your child to draw the pre writing shapes in the air with their magic finger using gross motor skills. Then ask ask your child to draw the shapes on a piece of paper using their fine motor skills ready for writing. 



If they can write the pre writing shapes you can move on to writing cvc/cvcc words. Practice writing the words below. Make sure all letter start on the line and they are pre cursive. Look closely at the letters are the ascenders or descenders? They could be just small letters. Make sure they are all the same size.

Jam               velvet

Wax               yell

jazz             quit

much           shed

bath             king


If your child is confident with this please move them on to writing the following captions. Again, handwriting is a big focus, concentrate on each letter. 


fish and chips on a dish

a hug and a kiss

the big red bus


That is your writing for todays phonics. Below i have attached some cvc words could you read them using the sound buttons to help.



Well done reception. Remember to take a picture and send it to your teacher ​​​​​​​smiley