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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance


We are now doing live phonics lessons to give you the best possible home learning experiences. Please log on to teams and join our lesson. If you are unable to join the live lesson, this is what we will be learning today.

We are doing really well with our sounds, Everybody can almost recognise phase 2 and we are working really hard on our phase 3 sounds. We have learnt all about digraphs and now we have learnt a new trigraph! Can you remember a trigraph we have learnt about this week? Recap your phase 2 and phase 3 sounds below and see if you can spot the digraphs. Focus on the sounds you have been struggling with and see if you can think of some words that have this sound to help you. 



We have been looking at the 100 High Frequency Words. From your word bank can you recap he sounds you chose to focus on. These are words the children should be able to read without segmenting or blending. 



Today we will be focusing on reading and writing memory words. Yesterday you learnt two new memory words. Can you remember what these were?

was       my

Today I would like you to start your phonics lesson, recapping these two memory words. Can you write them independently without looking how they are spelt. Maybe you could verbally tell your adult a sentence including the memory word. See if you can read the caption below, remember our two new memory words.


I was asleep at night

my mum went to the shop.


Great work. Now we will focus on all of the phase 2 and some phase 3 memory words. Can you go through the memory words below and see which memory words you are struggling with. Please can you practice writing each one. You must pick at least 5. Remember to start all letters on the line, write pre cursively and show if your letter is an ascender, descender or small letter. 




With the chosen memory words I would like you to work with your adult and think of a sentence with the memory word. Once you have thought of a sentence could you write it down in your best handwriting? Segment and blend the sounds to support your writing.  One you have written your sentence re-read it to make sure it makes sense smiley Again try to write at least 3 sentences/captions. 


To end the session I would like you to practice your reading skills and recognise the phase 2 and 3 captions included. 


I will go to the shop

She is on her bed

He was sat on the path

We went into the pool


You should now have 5 memory words to focus on and 3/5 captions including your memory words. Take a picture and send them to your teacher so we can see your learning for today and give you feedback :) 

You can now move on to your morning session.