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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance


Live phonics will take place at 9:15, so make sure that you join your meeting before the start time as we always start promptly, if you unfortunately could not make you session here is what we covered today smiley

To begin start with recapping all phase 2 sounds and if your child is working at the level of phase 3 recap these also, we have covered the phase 3 sounds up to the trigraph 'igh' but your child may know more.


Today is a memory word focus: recap phase 2 memory words and first 5 memory words of phase 3


Today we are going to be looking at the memory words, 'was' and 'my', memory words are words which we cannot sound out, we just have to know them! They are often referred to as 'tricky' words, but nothing is too tricky for our Ducks and Swans! laugh


Can you find any of the memory words that you know using the 'memory word' spotter story below? How many 'my' and 'was' did you see?

Now is it time to practise our new memory words, making sure all of the letters are formed correctly, pre cursively, written on the line in ne fluid motion.




Can the children write each memory word, five times remembering how to write each words, the children just need to remember them they cannot segment to spell. 

Now it is time to read some sentences with our new memory words in, can the children read the sentence and draw a picture to represent what the read to show their understanding?


To end the session can the children write the captions:

Make sure you send your phonics work to your child's portfolio before you have your mid morning snack break!