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Like previous days we always begin our phonics session by practising our sound and memory knowledge, you can do this in any way you wish such as hiding sounds and memory words around the house and garden for the children to find, using flash cards or I have attached a video below for you to use smiley We try to make learning as fun as possible so it is up to you how you do it. Please continue to work on the sounds and memory words your child is unsure of.

Phonics Phase Two Sounds Review with Cars

Looking for fun printable activities? When teaching phonics teachers usually start by reviewing the sounds that the children learn...

Phase 2 Tricky Words Song

This video will help your little ones learn the Phase 2 sight words, known as the Tricky Words taught in reception phonics lessons.

Now the children have warmed up their phonics brain it is time for them to practise their segmenting and blending skills, as you know your children and their ability now you may use the video below to help the children to blend orally e.g. you the parent says the sounds and the child then blends the sounds together. Your child may now be confident at segmenting and blending so they can read the sounds and blend them together independently. Some children are now developing in their reading ability and may need further challenge so you may write them simple captions to read such as 'a big red bus' or 'the tin can', use your best judgement for your child. If you are unsure and need some guidance then please just ask smiley

Phonics Phase 2 (CVC words) Blending for Reading

Looking for fun printable activities? Teach blending for reading with this reading machine that uses only phonetically decodable w...

Now we have done the reading aspect of our phonics it is time for the writing, all of the children are expected to write their letters pre cursively, this is to aid their handwriting skills as they move throughout the school, we teach pre cursive letters to the children straight away from nursery as it makes it more difficult for them to learning cursively after forming standard letters. The pre cursive letters are below, please teach your child these letters and not standard letters at home.

We would like the children to practise forming all of the letters of the alphabet, the children should always be writing on the line and each letter starts on the line in one continuous motion, some letters are 'ascenders'-they are tall letters, 'descenders'-these letters go below the line and then standard letters which are in the middle. We have worked on these a lot at school and practise makes perfect.


Again with your own knowledge of your child I would like the children to either write letters for initial sounds or to write CVC words, if you can print at home I have attached a sheet for initial sounds and some pictures to help the children to write the CVC words (they do not have to write all of the words for the pictures). 

If you cannot print then for initial sounds activity say a word to your child or hold up an object can they say what sound the word begins with and then write it correctly? 

If your child can write CVC words and you cannot print the document then just show them through your device for them to write from.

Address any misconceptions that your child has and correct any letters which they haven't formed correctly.