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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance


This morning we would like to start our phonics lesson with singing the Jolly Phonics songs to recap our phase 2 and phase 3 sounds. While you are singing, we would like you to complete the actions for each sound. The actions help us to remember the sounds and they are so much fun! smiley You may sing phase 2 or phase 3, depending on which stage your child is learning at.


Jolly Phonics A-Z

I've been using this song whenever I teach kids how to read .It helps your child to read very fast.

Jolly Phonics Phase Two

Phonics Phase songI'd like to have a barbecuethe sailors met upon the seatrains are chugging up the hill

Now we will recap our memory words. Can you point to a memory word and tell you adults what it says? Maybe you could verbally put the memory word into a sentence.



Continue to look at the 100 HFW. Remember you only need to select some of the words to focus on and as each day goes by you can add more to their list of words. You should only focus on 3 or 4 words to start with, before adding more words ensure that your child can read each word without segmenting or blending.



This morning we will be focusing on our writing skills. From last week, you will know if your child is working on the pre-writing shapes or if they can move on to forming letters. Until they can form the pre-writing shapes, they should not be writing, as they cannot form the fine motor movement required for letters.

If you are unsure, ask your child to form the shapes below.



If your child was confident with this, we would like you to practice CVC and CVCC words. Below I have added a picture. Ask them what the picture is. Can they segment and blend the words independently.  They then need to write the words in their best handwriting. Remember we are focusing on letter formation today so take your time and start each letter on the line.


Some children will be able to move onto captions. Our focus when writing captions is adding finger spaces to our writing. After every word, children should physically use their finger to put a space before writing the next word. Read the captions below to your child. Can they write the caption independently? Can they segment and blend each word and remember the sequence of words to make a caption. Have ago at the captions below.



The ship hit the rocks with a thud

A cat and a big fat rat

Go to the log hut

A moth can be fat but its wings are thin


Remember we are looking at the handwriting during writing skills. All letters must be on the line and written in pre-cursive handwriting. Attached is the letter formation support mat to help you see the formation of the letters. Ascender, descender or small letter?