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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance


To begin our morning lets recap our phase 2 and phase 3 sounds. Remember to recap the phase your child is working on. At the end of reception, the children will be secure at phase 2 and phase 3 only. They will move on to a different phase in year 1 so please stick to phase 2 and 3 for now. You are all doing amazing at your sounds.



You have been looking at the 100 high frequency words. Recap the words you have been looking at and see if you can add anymore to your list smiley



Today in phonics, we are going to be focusing on our memory words. We would like you to go through the memory words and read each one. Remember we cannot sound memory words out, we just have to know them. See how many you can read and remember to make a note of the ones you are struggling with. These will be the memory words you focus on each day. 




Now you have read your memory words we are going to practice writing them. You writing needs to be pre-cursive. When you go further up the school you will begin to join your writing so in reception we write pre-cursively to get you ready. When you are writing ensure all of your letters start on the line, you can check on the mat below if your letters need to be ascenders or descenders. These need to be nice and tall or fall below the line. 



Today I would like you to say a memory word to your child and see if they can write it independently. Do they know how to spell them on their own? Start with phase 2 memory words. If your child got all of these correct ask them to sound the phase 3 memory words out and write them independently.  If they are struggling to write them independently, see if they can tell you verbally what letter make the word and then write them down with support. 

Phase 2:


I        go

to      the

no     into

Phase 3:


he         be

she      her

my       we

me       all


We look forward to seeing your memory words, don't forget to send them to your teacher :)