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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance



As it is a Monday morning, it is always good to recap our previous learning. We have been working within phase 2 phonics and the children are doing really well with this. Show your child each letter and see if they can tell you the letter name and letter sound. At school we love to point to a letter and sing ‘ My name Is …   My sound is   …’ and the children fill in the gaps. During this, you will come across a digraph, ask your child if they know what a digraph is (Two letters that make one sound) can you find and point to the digraphs? If they struggle with some sounds please focus on these sounds.


Initial Sounds


In phonic we have been practising our initial sounds. This is the first sound of a word. For example, b for bag, c for cat. The children have worked hard on this and I am sure they will impress you.

Lets play a game! Gather some objects from around you house and place them in a bag. Pull out an object from the bag and ask your child what the object is. Can they tell you the initial sound of the object?


By the end of the year in reception, the children should be able to read fluently. However, as it is still early we are still developing this skill. Therefore, If your child is confident with this activity add items to the bag that your child will be able to Segment and blend. Here is a list of objects you may have around the house that your child will be able to have a go at:


Pen, hat, bag, jam, can


I can’t wait to see some pictures smiley