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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance



We will start as we always do by recognising our own name. 

Please write 5+ different name cards (including your child's name) for your child to recognise and select their own name from. 

The quantity of name cards can vary depending on how easily your child is able to recognise their own name. This should be being increased gradually. 

I want to give out lots of dojo's for this task so please let me know how you get on with this task.



This morning we are going to continue working on our rhyming skills. 

I would like you to use your rhyming cards that you created, for this game.
I have also attached some below should you want to print them. You might want to use object from around the house if you have any to match your cards. 

I would like you to take a pile of your cards and give the other pile to your grown up. 

Lay your cards out so that you can see them all. Your grown up will read out their cards and you need to listen carefully and look to see if they match and rhyme with any of your cards. If they do shout "RHYME!" and pair your cards together. 

If they do not rhyme, shout "SLIME!" you could the dunk your matching object/word card (or something that represents it so that you don't have to ruin your home made cards) into some slime!
For the slime you can use anything that is a bit slimy- shaving foam, baked beans, sand- anything you would like.

(Please note you do not have to include the slime if you prefer not to but this will make the game more fun and therefore more memorable for you child.)


Please send me lots of photos- I would love to see! smiley